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  1. Blank key and alarm?

    Ok so im thinking of buy a blank keyfob from ebay the flip type with 2 buttons, lock and unlock. I dont currently have an alarm or any button type unlocking system. its all Manuel key type. If i was to get a aftermarket alarm, could i make it work with the flip key fob?
  2. Merc 8 holes

    Ok nearly finished my Merc 8 hole refurb , need to get some adoptors and im pretty sure im going to need longer wheel bolts, how long do i need the bolts to be? ovously i want this to be safe, also if anyone knows, what torque setting would i torque the adaptors up to?.
  3. Interior trimming

    I tried to trim my own door cards a while back and now they look very poopty is there anyone that does trimming on the side and how much would two front door cars on a 9n cost?
  4. amateur painting thread

    Primer Basecoat laqure
  5. amateur painting thread

    and the old days when I had a ped