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  1. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Well done on the PVW mini peace matt
  2. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    What size are they if you don't mind me asking and what spec are the bbs's
  3. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    I found one now lol if you search you will find lol have you got smaller tyres on the bbs this time as well my fav look is with the rs's or when you tryed the porsche alloys on
  4. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Looks well smart that matt looks RS but with a twist if u don't mind what after market grill is it might have to try it on my black tt
  5. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    What grille is that matt looks smart
  6. a Belgian black MK7

    What alloys are them they look lush
  7. Mk1 Audi TT 225

    Carly I had a forge 007 on my mk1 TT there good but if ya paying that much for a DV just get the new 008 it's smaller so boost is better and u get a nice key ring
  8. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Matty ain't they carlsson rims
  9. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    I can see audi putting the price up on these baby's if they have a lot of demand for them
  10. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Thanks for that your a star
  11. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Hey matt how much was the tts cover and fitting kit and u got the part number as well please
  12. My Audi TT Project...

    Pm sent
  13. My Audi TT Project...

    If you don't mind you got a pic of ya back box and a video of the sound would love to ear it thanxz
  14. M222ATY's A3

    I think you should paint them same color white as the car gotta love white on white effect
  15. Ali's Bora

    Seen this on Thursday at derby dubs meet and it looked lovely always love to see boras slammed