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  1. Worthersee 2016

    Normally I would defo recommend going 2weeks before the show. I am hearing rumours tho that people are gonna go 1-2 weeks after next yrs show beacause of the weather?? Anyone she'd any light on this?? Wonna book our hotel next month
  2. LowCollective German Car Show 13/09/15

    JUST 12 WEEKS TO GO!!!
  3. New whip .... Mk2 TTS

    Love this!! Gutted I'm not going to Worthersee, you lucky bugger!! Lol
  4. My MK4 R32 HGP Turbo

    Looks average mate lol!! Was lucky enough to see this the other day, one word, Amazing!!! The sound is simply immense!!!
  5. 1988 polar silver mk2

    There my RS's Matty, just waiting for the new owner. There staying in the LoCo fam tho
  6. 1988 polar silver mk2

    All looks a bit....Average!!! Let's get this beast on the road!
  7. There was on site accommodation but all spaces have gone now. There is a travel lodge and a holiday inn within 3-4 miles of the show venue Only 27 days to go!!!
  8. LowCollective german car meet. Held monthly in Ipswich

    Tomoro night guys! Come and have a beer and a burger with chef Ken Barlow lol
  9. 94 audi 80 coupe, the pigeon :-D

    Lookin great fella. Good to see you at tonight's LowCo meet:-)
  10. Any of you travelling down on the sat night, we will be having a live DJ and a few beers on site just 5 mins from the nearest hotel (premier Inn) Would be great to see many of you there to help make this a great first show!!
  11. Let's hope it's done for the July LowCo meet
  12. Vw mk1 polo 1978

    ^^^^^Thats how you build a car^^^^^ #Averagelee
  13. Vw mk1 polo 1978

    Preferred it in the top picture lol. I'd give my other ball for this car!

    Think we're leaving bout 5.30 :-( hotel sounds like a good idea lol