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  1. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    The car is out of winter storage and back on the road. And I managed to go one better than the Rainbow interior in the end... Sorry about the terrible camera phone photos!
  2. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    So today's task was to fix the headlining. The original fabric had completely separated from the board and was toast. So first task was to repair the cracks and damage to the liner with fibreglass and strip off any loose foam: Time for new fabric: Trimmed: And fitted. Turned out much better than I had expected! Really has lifted the interior which was literally hanging when I bought the car. Which seats do y'all think should I stick with? Rainbows or retro buckets?
  3. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    There are probably more Type 19s with RS/RMs/OZ/Comps/Zenders etc than P Slots these days so I'm quite tempted to stick with them for now at least. Maybe space out the rears 20mm or so? I want to keep it practical so the suspension won't be going any lower than this:
  4. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    Glad you lot picked up on the spot lamp covers - boys over on retro rides didn't get the joke! As you might have guessed they are not a permanent fixture. The previous owner bodged some late '87> spot lamps into the grille which looked poo so I have binned them off. If anyone has a set of correct 7 slat spots going spare they'd find a very good home with me! I have another bucket for the front but don't want to cut up the subframe of the good rainbow. This is the interior I really need: Chances of finding one seem remote however.
  5. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    Cheers all! The photos are kind to it to be honest but it's not bad at all for a nearly 30 year old unrestored car. I've pretty much decided to go for a kind of retro 'club sport' theme for the project so have started making a few changes. So the rainbow pattern drivers seat was knackered. Ripped in two places and the back rest was physically bent and the recliner mechanism busted. So I stripped the fabric and padding down to the base frame and set about modifying it to fit some retro OMP buckets I had in the loft from an old project. First job was to unpick the welds on the cushion support. Then I cut two steel bars to length, fitted them to the seats and sorted the position on the bases before tack welding the lot in position. Then I ran out of MIG gas so I still need to weld them properly. Also had the door cards off to replace door membranes that a previous owner had helpfully removed. All back together: I have also removed the centre console which is going to be replaced with an early CL item and fitted a radio aperture blank. I have this 70's Raid leather steering wheel and rare centre pad from a BMW 2002 kicking around so might chuck it in the Golf. Fitted some Hella spot lamp covers to see what they look like: Oh and dropped the car 40mm on a set of subtle black powder coated springs! Checked over all the shocks and bushes and everything seems in good enough order for now but some gas charged Bilsteins will probably make their way on to the car soon enough.
  6. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    Dashboard and vents were all full of muck so I stripped them out for a good clean. Ordered some new decent quality German parts from AVS: And a new clutch cable from GSF: And started to attack the grotty engine bay: Progress so far (+ painted cam cover, rocker cover, ignition, oil and filter service). Going to get the steam cleaner on the grime next!
  7. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    Cheers all! The photos are kind to it. Yeah. Plans are just to add a smattering of period accessories, restore the rest and maybe a little bit of altitude adjustment. Interior needs addressing too as it is fitted with a later set of rainbow seats which don't look quite right. So back to the beginning of the story. Two weeks ago the car arrived at OldSpeed towers on a transporter as a non runner but having passed it's MOT only two weeks previously. Initial investigation revealed a solid underside: The interior was a bit on the dirty/smelly side so I stripped it all out for a good clean: Rainbow seats look out of place: Most importantly I needed to get the car running. A new fuel tank lift pump and fuel pump relay and it fired up right away! \ Had a good look around the car: ...And the shell seems to be in good shape: The previous owner had just treated it to new brakes and bearings all round and a complete new exhaust system. P-Slots are just a bit clean! Saggy headlining has been removed. Unfortunately it came out in two pieces so a re-trim will be required.
  8. Mars Red 1984 GTI.

    Afternoon all, This is my recently acquired 1984 Mk2 Golf GTI:
  9. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

    Cheers guys! I unexpectedly sold the car last week though. On the plus side I have a new project: You can check out my new thread here if you are interested: http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=487615&hl=
  10. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

  11. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

    Yeah it has survived quite well. The photos probably make it look a bit better than it is in the flesh though. The car was built in 1980, registered in '81 I think!
  12. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

    A photo from today... I have just finished removing the coilovers and fitting the stock(ish) suspension in the dark. Going up... (Pics to follow!)
  13. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

    More shiny bits from GPC and Crazy Quiffs: New front strut spring plates, NOS hub cap clips and a set of original chrome hub caps. And these are on their way to me from Germany: Front bumper off for repaint. No rust here: And painted:
  14. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

    Cheers! Just thought I'd give you all a sneak peak at my latest acquisition: Just got to get it from California to the UK now.
  15. 1980 Mk1 Golf CL

    So the Golf passed it's MOT yesterday. All it needed was a couple of bulbs and the rear wheel bearings adjusting! Thankfully I didn't find any rust behind the rear plate. Parts have gradually been trickling in over the last few days. NOS VW Exhaust: Sill trims, boot strut, winder handles etc from Volkswarenhaus.de: I also ordered some black bumper paint and white stone chip for the inner arches. So the bumper had been painted previously and was peeling so I gave it a quick refresh. Bumper refitted and sill trims on: The coilovers on the car are the usually cheap poop 'ebay specials' and are totally seized. As such they will probably end up in the bin. So I've been cleaning up a set of uprated standard style shocks and have given them a good clean and coat of paint so they look stock. The gloss black coated lowering springs add to the stock look nicely I think! Next job is to clean and stone chip the inner arches in preparation for the fitting of the new suspension.