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  1. MK4 Golf GTI Braking Problem

    Would the disks warp in a thousand miles?
  2. MK4 Golf GTI Braking Problem

    How do i know if they fitted properly?
  3. MK4 Golf GTI 1.8 20v (non turbo) Recently got the car and have noticed that under braking (light through to heavy) that the front wheels judder. The faster you go the worse it is. The steering wheel also does the same. The car drives fine at all speeds with no steering judder or obvious wheel balancing problems. Also its receipted for having new front brake disks and pads in the last thousand miles or so. I've checked and the disks look brand new still. Before i go stripping things down and spemding money is there anything obvious i should be checking? In the past when i've experienced the juddering under braking problem on other cars its always been down to low or warped disks. A quick change and all's fine again. Thanks in advance.
  4. Borbet -Which One?

    Thanks Jacko. Am after swapping them for some BBS RA 15". Should be able to get a decent set for that sort of money.
  5. Borbet -Which One?

    15" and 4 x 100 Also... what are they worth? Tyres are virtually brand new
  6. Need a price to post a single BBS RA rim out to a UK address. Want to use post office for ease but need to know the weight of the rim to confirm a postage cost. Anyone got some accurate scales? Obviously no tyre fitted. Thanks in advance
  7. Mk4 No Heater Help

    The temp gets up to half way ok and stays there but still little or no actual heat from the heater. How easy is it to change the sat over? i have the basic tools ie jacks, stands, spanners, socket sets etc.
  8. Mk4 No Heater Help

    Firstly its the missus car so hopefully you can all appreciate the ear ache i'm getting over this with the current cold spell!! Anyway like i say the internal fan/blower works on all settings ie speed but just doesn't get remotely warm even on a run. So...is it as simple as a stuck open thermostat that i can just change or am i into heater matrix work? in fairness i couldn't say its ever worked as she only got the car mid last year and always does really short trips so the engine never really gets hot. Anyway if someone can give us some pointers it would relieve my earache.