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  1. Bagged Bolf Beaut - S70W VW

    I ran these wheels on mine a while back, much nicer than sirocco wheels in my opinion. Lovely car pal mine (sorry to hijack):
  2. Project *time warp*

    Do love the new wheels dont get me wrong, but I feel a more OEM looking wheel would have absolutely killed it just because of its very original styling. Would love to see some images of the turbines fitted dude As said though, amazing car, probably my favourite MK2
  3. series 1 mk1 golf - mandarin orange!

    Yeah man still have it, standard though, due to blowing 6 driveshafts. Off to uni so gonna try and sell it! Glad you have taken them spacers out, keep up the good work!
  4. series 1 mk1 golf - mandarin orange!

    Love it dude. Hadn't realised this was sitting pretty, not seen/been to any sort of meet in months! Need to get them rear in just a touch in my opinion but it's looking ace,if you need a hand with anything give me a shout!
  5. Mk4 ...... I love poke

    New drop links still wont get you low enough dude, need to either remove or replace your ARB to get decent lows Drop links = Waste of money Love the wheels
  6. LouieL's My Mk2

    Love it dude
  7. Really lovely Dude, you have some amazing cars, must spend a fortune swapping them all the time
  8. my sump doesnt exist.

    Cheers Dude, pretty happy with it being my first car and all Still not sure, I tightened it all up as usual and have had the adaptor and bolts checked and its all fine It was looking i was turning left soooooo slowly, just popped off and ended up with the brake sat on the bottom of the wheel, im sure some of my mates from college will have some pictures, they all walked up to provide me with a little help, but just mostly banter
  9. my sump doesnt exist.

    Just a quick one, havent got hold of any pictures from my mate yet, but I now catch cats eyes ALL the time Coilovers are all the way down, helpers out. Having a fair few problems with it though, i have chopped the bumpstops, but I think they need cutting again, as the ride is disgraceful, has to be resting on them! Also has anyone had the same problem with inch engine spacers? My gearbox is resting against the pass chassis leg So it knocks perminantlty, which is pissing me off! Struggling to turn aswell, even though the archs are rolled flat __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oh and to add insult to injury, my wheel fell off the other day pulling into my college, bent the wing up a bit, subframe slide along the floor a bit and a few stratches here and there, didnt have a jack with me either, so had to borrow a mates, has to lift the sill off the floor with a plank of wood to get a jack under it and wheel back on, pretty embarassing at the end of a lunch hour when everyone is coming back from the shops
  10. my sump doesnt exist.

    Don't think so mate, I believe they all run the same way on the original car, doesnt bother me either way It was lower with the BBS on, needs some archwork up front to sort the ride height, not really had the time
  11. my sump doesnt exist.

    Its my mates dude, lives up the road from me in winsford His user name on here is 'Fozzy' i believe, unless he has changed it again!
  12. my sump doesnt exist.

    TOMORROW! I promise So a few updates, mostly annoying/costly October the 6th: Was heading over to my girlfriends, turning left into her rad, which is a little bumpy and my passenger side CV started grinding like effffffffffff, then i lost all drive. First thought was just the boot, but then i quickly relised after a quick bonnet pop the inner CV had eaten itself! So my first call to the RAC was made They brought a van, despite me telling them it would need a transporter, due to it being low, so i ended up waiting around 4 hours before a flat bed finally turned up So me and a friend set to finding a replacement shaft and had it all fitted and sitting pretty the following sunday night. JOB DONE, Ha! The following thursday pulling outta college on a completely flat road, going from first to second, that familiar sound made another appearance *facepalm* So a new shaft later, its sorted again, however due to the angle the passanger shaft is at i dont know whether its even worth going lower! Even though it needs it Anyway, i gave it a good old clean the other day and have been out with friends getting some half decent shots Have some more Shots from Chester too, but cant find them, will get them up ASAP link to my mates Flickr, where there are a few decent ones My link
  13. Tom's Mk4 daily!

    FINE, Forget about me then! Gutted mate, mine has little love atm, i have sheared 2 driveshaft in a week! RAC men are getting to know me on first name terms
  14. my sump doesnt exist.

    Its running some merc turbines atm mate, quite like the way they look on the car, ET's are pretty spot on Needs lowering somemore to really dial the stance!