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  1. AP coilovers and njt extreme please

    Ok thanks Damian
  2. Prices for both the above please Damian for a Bora tdi i bought fk ones off you before which were good value but a bit bouncy when low
  3. Yeah where was the beer tent? Organic burgers were good though! Was good to see V5 UTE close up, such top work
  4. Zeee MK4 1.8t

    Was looking good mate
  5. Bora gone - The upgrade! Audi A6

    Those wheels ...perfect, that last picture....
  6. Be down to the next one now im running a vag again, that first pic my mate bill stagg by the audi, is he one here??
  7. Seat Ibiza mk5 2010 (Marmite mobile)

    Mate looks great on the new wheels, brave and original choice. Wheel whores sticker got to go though, ok a few years a go, but now its holding the car back for me Thule rack cool too
  8. My Audi A4 B5 Quattro - Project D4

    Loving the brakes, and good trimming work
  9. OH NO HE DIDN'T.....

    Nice little project mate, look forward to the progression on this
  10. T00mm's Budget 2

    Nice set of rims + coilovers = 100% improvement
  11. Hello everyone can someone tell me how the 3 button remote works please, in particular if i leave my dog in the car and want to lock it, but dont want the interior proximaaty alarm to go off? Think on my bora had to press the lock button twice? Googled it and just comes up with problems with remote not working ...so not being lazy! And dont have handbook with me Thanks!
  12. audi nimbus grey mk2 16v

    Fair play to you, thats alot of stripping down, only ever done this once, and took me a whole year, be worth it in the end, 100% my favourite colour too
  13. audi s4 b5 new toy

    Top b5 baz.... And those new brakes...