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  1. *** EARLY EDITION 13-04-14 ***

    About 4 mate
  2. My mk1 series 1 golf gti 1980

    Cheers mate
  3. My mk1 series 1 golf gti 1980

    Aw bummer man , you do get attached to them
  4. My mk1 series 1 golf gti 1980

    Cheers guys got some resto pics Long time no hear Craig Had to sell it to buy my house , so got this instead
  5. My mk1 series 1 golf gti 1980

    Hi guys This is my mk1 series 1 gti got it about a year ago and it hadnt been loved properly slammed so the sump had worn away etc As far as i know its one of only 2 known whiteb rhd series one gti so after a year oif tlc by myself this is where we are at, almost everything refurbed or renewed Footnote Yes it could be slammed , no it wont be driven hard , but it has already been driven to two shows once in the rain With a car off 33 years old its about preserving it Cheers Andy
  6. Agreed valuation online down.?

    Aha yeah forgot to do it at renewal as car was being worked on but now wish to do it ( realise it will only co er to current policy expires) Do you have my email address .??
  7. Is the agreed valuation page down or this service no longer offered .?
  8. Early Edition

    Looking good guys
  9. ****EARLY EDITION****

    Bright sunshine here guy's:)
  10. Early Edition

    great be good to see you there fella:)
  11. ****EARLY EDITION****

    I dont think there is a specific area last year poeple just put signs in there winderscreens in the carpark , will try and confirm this ta
  12. Early Edition

    yes but bring cash before you come we dont have a card machine lol
  13. Early Edition

    Cheers Steph you looked well chuffed at winning car looked great
  14. Early Edition

    Yup was the case mate loadsa more cars turned up than expected and we run out of space inside the venue
  15. Gates closing time

    Just to clear it up the gates close at 12am as they always have done.