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  1. Still active on here?

    Not received a call as yet, shall I call you and ask for someone specific?
  2. Still active on here?

    Thanks, Number PM'd over.
  3. Still active on here?

    Are HIC still active on here? I sent a message to the HIC account but then noticed it had not been online since June last year?
  4. get the battery and alternator tested or get the multimeter out and give it a poke
  5. Juddering

    Gsf have a code every weekend.. Think this weeknd is 42%
  6. Wiring in Open Air (in MK2 Golf)

    Yeah D5 is the factory spot running to fuse 4 15a which isn't enough. This is ign live to the rear wiper too and I have already taken this to use on my air ride relay instead so plan A it is. Wiring it on tomorrow. Thanks for your help as always
  7. Wiring in Open Air (in MK2 Golf)

    Thanks RubJ, not fussed about it being live always and not fussed about illumination. I was going to wire up as below using a mk2 window switch. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiegtupoZTPAhXFthoKHccTDVoQjRwIBw&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.talkstuff.net%2Fipb%2Findex.php%2Ftopic%2F228429-vw-golf-mk3%2F&psig=AFQjCNGWS3ojOrxvRaVozklGXsxZ9mX3oQ&ust=1474128103583774
  8. Just about to pout an open air into my mk2 and all I have is the motor and switch. I have a little electrical knowledge so just wanted to make sure what I plan to do will be ok. Rather than run a relay I am going to straight power the roof. I plan to take a live feed from from the 'Y' plugs section on the fuse box (CE2) where you would take the power for electric window upgrade. Run this into an inline fuse 20A and onto the switch. Grounds runs from the switch and the normal 2 wires up to the roof. this sound ok?
  9. Air line routing mk2 golf

    Thanks for the reply mate, forgot to mention I have a smooth bay with no scuttle so can't go down the indicator lines or where you would see them in the bay
  10. Air line routing mk2 golf

    Where are people running the air line on the mk2 golf. I am running it out of the spare wheel tub, the back is straight forward but I'm not sure where about to run in on the front. I think I'm running one line down next to the fuel lines and splitting it up front but it's getting into and around the wheel arch without it being in the way.. Google searches for pictures but not much comes up. Thanks
  11. Clutch/ flywheel knocking? Mk2 golf v6/vr6

    Thanks for you input Matt, you pretty much word for word said what my mate did before we took the gearbox off a 2nd time but he insisted we took it off and checked just to prove a point and put my mind at rest haha! You saying the same thing makes me feel a whole lot better about it.
  12. Clutch/ flywheel knocking? Mk2 golf v6/vr6

    No I didn't ditch it, I bought the engine without a box so it never came with the flywheel. Easiest thing to do was pop on a VR set up.
  13. Clutch/ flywheel knocking? Mk2 golf v6/vr6

    yes its the 24v v6, my bottom crank pulley has been machined down to not hit the chassis leg. My mates said exactly the same as you about the 1.8T's.
  14. Clutch/ flywheel knocking? Mk2 golf v6/vr6

    took the box off again and checked it all, everything was fine with no issue, all torqued up to spec ect. put back together and the noise is still the same. its not a massively bad noise but just sounded not what i expected. A friend of mine has the same engine/ clutch gearbox set up and before we took it apart said his is exactly the same. Put it down to engine feedback from using a normal single flywheel having taken out the duel mass from factory. Drive on I suppose. Its been out twice now with no sign of an issue so I'm happy now to use it as is. thanks for the help and input
  15. Clutch/ flywheel knocking? Mk2 golf v6/vr6

    cant remember on the clutch alignment to be honest, Flywheel wasnt skimmed it was put on as is. pressure plate was new bolts, Clutch fork is on correctly with the lower clip thing in tact. I also changed this 2nd time round just in case. gearbox is coming off tomorrow again. no choice really. set everything back up again and check it all over.