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  1. My 1986 Metallic Antelope GL

    You know my views on it.
  2. Us side repeater dimensions/positioning.

    cheers for the feed back Iceworx, they do look like a right sod to fit, but should be worth it.
  3. Us side repeater dimensions/positioning.

    P.S its for a MK 3 golf.
  4. Hi All Got hold of a set of US side repeaters, my local body shop have agreed to fitting them only thing is i need the measurments of the possitioning for whre to cut the holes in my current bumper. If anyone out there with a set of US bumpers, wouldnt mind taking 5 minutes to measuring them for me and possibly sending over some photos that would be a load of help. cheers
  5. mk3 sump guard

    Afternoon all. I'm looking to get my hands on a sump guard for a MK3 golf gti 8v. I know that dark dub on here has made a few for people, does anyone have any contact details for him? If anyone has one for sale, pm me with details please. Cheers
  6. 1.8t conversion

    ok pal, thanks for that. right possibly got an engine. AGU code, clocks, keys, ecu, loom, Gbox all included, anything else i need to ask for from the doner vehical?
  7. 1.8t conversion

    Cheers for that lads! Rubjonny, would you be up for modifying my loom if i was to go head with the conversion? And what sort of figure we looking at for the work?
  8. 1.8t conversion

    Cheers Matt, I was hoping to keep the current MK3 dials if that's possible, I know iv seen it done on a few MK3's in the past
  9. 1.8t conversion

    Seems pretty simple really, spoken to a few companies now that seem to be suggesting that I keep the oem management system? Anyone gone down this route or would be open myself up to a world of problems? Cheers for all the advise
  10. 1.8t conversion

    Evening all Right so i’m looking at carrying out a 1.8t conversion into my MK3 golf (8v GTI) but wondering not sure how to go about it. From what I’ve read up, I’m going to need an AGU engine, due to the cable throttle, and all its ancillaries, a pedal box from either a 16V or VR6 MK3, And new management system, iv been looking into a plug and play system. Now IV been reading a guide on Quantum performance website on how to carry the conversion into a MK 2, but with it going into a MK3 is there many differences in the process? Any information or advice would be brilliant. Cheers will
  11. round things

    hey guys ive got 4 round things and i think there for a car. they have 5 holes in the middle and they have like 5 little metal sticks with lines on them. do these go on the car? or like are they engine mods? any help would be much appretiated. p.s they have a black rubbery band on them to protect the metal
  12. new wheels = knocking

    cheers dudes, iv just changed the front wheels around and this seems to of cured the problem. thanks again
  13. new wheels = knocking

    morning all right just fitted my d90's to my mrk 3 golf gti, but now iv got a alarmingly loud knocking noise coming from the o/s/f wheels, iv checked the adapter, and the wheels and they are both tight and no play in neither, iv checked the clearance around the wheel and nothing appears to be catching on the wheel? any suggestions greatfully received. cheers will
  14. Another Un-h2o Daily Production.....

    dear god this is nice, top work
  15. pic request and info

    as titles, looking to get my centres powder coated by the wrc, anyone used them and any pics/info of there work