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  1. ok cheers ill give them a shout
  2. Hi everyone... My 2002 Bora 1.6 16v has just developed a problem with the speedo, surprise surprise!!!!! However its not the usual problem that I have come across on many forums/google where the speedo moves up and down erratically and the fuel gauge moves, usually associated with dodgey wiring under the battery. Mine acts slightly differently... it basically accelerates slowly upto 10mph and then stays there until you go under 10mph The odometer will not record correctly at present as I'm guessing its only recording me as driving at 10mph everywhere. I checked the loom to the speedo sensor at the junction under the battery tray but it was all ok no breaks. I swapped the speedo sensor over for a 2nd hand scrappy one and it continues to do exactly the same thing! I have got another one to double check but its unlikely I had another duff one.... but you never know i suppose! Which leads me to think maybe its a instrument cluster problem? Anyone else had this same issue? Any ideas how to fix it as I was just in the process of selling the car and typically this issue popped up and put the guy right off! Any help would be greatly appriacted Cheers Steve
  3. question about full FIS clocks

    I have a set of full Fis Bora sport clocks that I am looking to sell but before I put them up I was after a bit of info as I want to get my facts right before I sell them as I don't want to mess anyone around.... Basically I bought some Full FIS clocks from a 2003 bora 1.6 AUTO Would these clocks only work in a automatic car or can they be coded to work in a manual/diesel/other size petrol engine car? I'm not really that switched on with the MK4 stuff so thought I'd ask before I try and sell them as the last thing i want is to send them to someone and then they're no good Cheers
  4. mk2 golf jetta conversion sidelight wiring

    i swear when i was looking at an online hella catalog a while back they had a option for jetta headlights with or without the sidelight... may have an really early set of lights without the side light holes?
  5. What badge can I use for westy grill?

    nice one cheers mate ill get searching for a 7 slat jetta grill then! atleast ill have the option to swap them about then!
  6. Hi guys... Well basically had my westy setup for well over a year now and there is only one thing stopping me putting it all on.... The bloody BADGE! I've tried numerous times over on vortex to see if someone would kindly source and post one for me but have had no luck I was wondering what else fits or where can i get one (apparently they are obsolete from VW) I heard somewhere along the line that the mk2 7 slat golf grills have the same badge... is this true? Would a jetta 7 slat grill badge fit ? Any help would be great!
  7. Bristol Krispy Kreme meet October 20th @ 3pm

    dammit the my jetta isn't finished for this but ill bring the old b2 passat along instead!
  8. nice build mate! looks like you've gone to town on the underside! fair play looks like a lot of hard work gone into it! Keep it up will be good to see the final product!
  9. Bristol Krispy Kreme meet October 20th @ 3pm

    looks like this has got bigger than ever those pics! some proper nice cars turning up!! Hopefully my jetta 1.8t conversion will be done in time for this!!!!
  10. Toilets

    is it just me thinking this but surely if people just looked after the toilets properly in the first place they wouldn't get so bad? thus not needing constant supervision like toddlers in a nursery!? everyone is so quick to criticize but can you honestly say that you didnt contribute to the mess in anyway? I know when I used the facilities despite how dirty it is I would always flush the toilet/wipe the seat etc? its just basic manors. If everyone had the same attitude this thread probably wouldnt be needed? I might sound like a grumpy old man (im 23! ) but just saying
  11. I'm looking to 1.8t my mk2 jetta and have been advised to polybush everything whilst the car is off the road... I was after some recommendations as to where I can find a decent mk2 polybush kit. I have seen a few on ebay but not sure whether they are good brands or whats good or not... Can anyone link me up with any decent kits that perhaps they have used themselves and would recommend Cheers Steve
  12. My 85' Mk2 Gti aka The DUB

    nice work mate! looking shhwweeett!
  13. wow! alot of hard work has gone in to that!! well done mate looks mad... can't believe you have a carbon roof!!!! keep up the good work!
  14. My '89 Jetta

    NICE! i think the small bumpers look so good on jetta's... i have a set waiting to go on mine.... just gotta find an ounce of time to fit them! I don't usually like those sort of Porsche wheels but they work really well on this!
  15. Im after a decent pair of speakers for the rear shelf in my mk2 jetta and was unsure of the size required, and I don't want to modify the metal shelf in any way.... is there anyone on here that has replaced their's? If so what sort of speakers would you recommend? I am slowly working on the audio in the car and have so far replaced the dash speakers with tweeters and I plan to maybe put some in the front doors if I can find some audioscape pods I also have a sub in the boot running on a vibe blackbox mono amp... as well as a blackbox stereo amp to wire the door and shelf speakers up I was also thinking about making a small foam/plastic buffer between the metal shelf and speaker mount as I would imagine the shelf would vibrate otherwise, anyone done this? Any help would be great as I'm no audio expert... and apart from fitting some 6x9's into my polo back in the day its all new to me!! Cheers,steve