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  1. John's Mkv Edition30

    love your ED30 mate!
  2. VW Polo 9N3 on PLS evolution 17"

    love it mate! post more pics please!
  3. Candy White 9n3 Gti..

    love your GTI mate! which are the offsets of the Schmidt's?
  4. Polo 9n, with 9n3 conversion

    nice polo you have there mate! what are the specs of the Fittipaldi's and which tyres are you running?
  5. Candy White 9n3 Gti..

    I painted mine but you can get them at dealers also: 6Q3 837 902 G 041 £21.41 + VAT 6Q3 837 901 G 041 £21.41 + VAT
  6. Candy White 9n3 Gti..

    they look great! you leaving the 195/40 tyres all round or putting narrower ones at the front?
  7. Polo 9n3 Gti Candy White

    love it mate! any rolling shots or maybe a video?
  8. Candy White 9n3 Gti..

    scotty whate are the specs? 8 and 9x16? do them CW!
  9. 9n3 GTI daily

    love it!
  10. Candy White 9n3 Gti..

    16's or 17's?
  11. Worthersee 2013

    teaser pic
  12. Fairway 9n3

    sits perfect!!!!!!
  13. Polo 9n3 Gti Candy White

    more pics! are you on air again?
  14. vw polo 9n3 gti

    love it!