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  1. Princess ANN

    Yeah that sounds about right!! Having problems accessing my photobucket but will add them when i can get back in
  2. Princess ANN

    great thread.....I remember your Uncles Mk1 from back in the day...in fact i have a couple of Pics of some dolly birds draped over it during a photoshoot
  3. mk1 cab a20 pvw where is she now?

    Omg!I Just randomly was wondering what ever happened to my old cab and did a Google to come across this! So is she dead? Just so you know, I put that plate on her and she was resprayed while I had her after a slight accident. When I sold her she had a grant Motorsport 2.0 8v conversion.
  4. 20vt remote oil filter?

    Having just wasted most of Sunday trying to remove the oil filter on mk mk1 TT with 1.8 T 20v APX code engine, i'm looking for info on a oil filter relocation kit! Anyone got one or know of a good one? Ta!
  5. How the hell did it get so bad in the first place!!? Shocking!!!
  6. injetor pump problem(mk4 tdi 90bhp)

    i think mormally, on tdis when they let off black smoke its cos of too much fuel, so i would start there, see if someone has a spare standard ecu you could try. I have the same engine in my polo and am in north london if that's any help to you.
  7. Brake bulb warning symbol+beep driving me nuts!

    you sure it's brake lights, may be headlight one as there are 3 bulbs in there iirc
  8. 16v turbo manifolds

    This one may give bulkhead clearance issues
  9. 16v turbo manifolds

    dont go near that one!!! Is it for a mk1? if so the tubular log ones from america will work. I have one on my passat and had the flange moved to the opposite side for clearance
  10. mk1 1.9t RWD

    Buy the car get the number plate free JP??? I see what you meant about the state it's in now, such a shame mate!
  11. You not finished it yet?? I just picked up an a4 2.6 quattro and am loving it, you may well find they are so comfy you will want to leave it standard!
  12. 16v exhaust manifolds

    but the abf manifold will be longer due to it being a tall block so may have problems attaching to exhaust
  13. Flywheel lightening

    jp (rwd19t) does them and usually has them on the shelf, drop him a pm. I use one of his in my 16vt passat!
  14. '74 Golf L

    bloody hell wher'd you pick up that beauty!!
  15. corrado 16vt (finally made it to edition38)

    Good to see another 16vt up and running good work fella!