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  1. :hMd:

    aww, I've missed ewe gays I mean guys
  2. Wheels wont fit?HELP!

  3. :hMd:

    oooh, had a tiff with the travster have you
  4. dele's..

    muchos thankos bro...skos...? Hey Spoonster how's things?! redic in a good way i hope
  5. dele's..

    air does let you do the cheeky bit of parking - handy esp in london i wish H-bomb has the knack of capturing these awesome moments cheers dude! fixed
  6. dele's..

    pm inbound mofobrojoe cheers dude, we do what we can what he said u more. p.s. i think i should get commission for that thing?!? thanks dood
  7. dele's..

    the ten minutes of fumbling was priceless haha, glad u like markyboy surprisingly i haven't posted that pic once but it's all over the shop apparently. I've seen it on Canibeat's page and i guess it's being shared off there? not that i mind too much
  8. dele's..

    thanks broskidoodle stop messin up my multi-quotes thanks bro, much appreciated haha really?! shoulda come over dood fun times alphards...
  9. dele's..

    TUK they're good guys What were you guys saying about it? All nice i hope Vick? on second thoughts, probably not - he's the truthful type thanks bro save the last stance for me, flashstance and ooohhhhhhhhh i wanna stance, with somebody.. BarryBoys ftw
  10. dele's..

    anytime dude! I hold evening classes every second Wednesday Danke
  11. dele's..

    love you guise x x x ban you very much bro
  12. dele's..

    one look at the paint and that dream becomes a nightmare Cheers Chris, means a lot yours was lookin sweet at UD - how you didn't take 1st is beyond me when you comin attemptin to come down to london?!