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  1. Cope's GTI

    absolutely stunning mate, regret selling mine so much after seeing this!

    Japan Racing JR11
  3. Daan's Mk2 Golf TDi

    Looking forward to this! Really tempted to replace my 320d with a diesel mk2. Just hope it will do 2000 miles a month!
  4. Wow. So tempted to sell my 320d for a derv mk2!
  5. MK2 GTD - Indirect & Intercooled Goodness

    Any updates? That shell is a bit rotten
  6. Lhotte's mk2 Jetta v2.0 TDi

    This is going to be sweet! Want to build a derv mk2 for a daily.
  7. Andy's mk2 vr6

    Saw this for sale too! Good price aswell Wish I could get back into a mk2 but doing a 100 mile commute everyday might make it hard :/ Look forward to this build
  8. Daily static B5

    Any updates?!
  9. Project Hearse. B5.

    That looks lovely! Makes me want to get started on my avant!
  10. Non PD A4 to PD130 Conversion

    Is the 115 from the facelift b5s pd?
  11. emkaytwo

    This still going?
  12. My B5 S4 project

    Awesome seriously love b5s.
  13. Ruby The Fastback

    Looks seriously cool man, keep it up!
  14. 20v mk2 project and aired bora daily

    Love this, really want another alpine white mk2!