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  1. Millers oils

    Thinking about using millers Nanodrive 5w40 on my next change in Oil but 10w40 is the grade VW recommend and is what I've usually used in the past. Anyone used or can recommend this or a similar millers oil. Car mk4 1.8t 100k been mapped
  2. insurance quote

    looking for a new insurance quote just comparing prices a the moment anyone able to give me a quote or where i can pass my details through.
  3. Painting garage floors

    I've got to do this to I've got a Johnstons 2k tile Red paint in water based really good paint have used it before dries rock hard.
  4. Not often I get to spray stuff at work to a high standard but have been asked to spray a piano one white one black. Where I'm at I've sealed the wood and edges with pva usually use shellac button polish but prefer pva that's on sanded with 240 and then another coat and then sanded, then mdf primer a couple of fine coats sanded in between 320 then lechler white primer in acrilic sanded 600 then a base in white lechler satin have flated that wet at 800 pretty smooth now, right this is bit I worried about I usually put one thick coat of laquer but I'm gonna try a sticky coat and a wet coat this time. Am I right in saying the sticky coat should be left for like ten minutes and then the wet coat put on? Would be nice to wet sand it after with 1200 and polish but we don't have a polisher which is a shame.
  5. Yep I would say alternator this exact thing happened to me a while back and my insurance had ran out that day so could not get a pick up, but left it a week as it was in a safe place and cycled to work. Then re insured but this time with parts and labour so all got payed for.
  6. Elsecar Mega Meet 2015

    Good show today perfect weather must say some of the cars in the car park where as good as the ones on show that mazda 3 mps rear camber was just outrageous never seen anything like it.
  7. Split Rim Torque Settings, Tools Required.

    Can anyone advise me on where I can get a 12 spline bit to remove the bbs vs bolts on my rs2s Thx
  8. Polishing kits

    Seems well over priced for what it is.
  9. Polishing kits

    I've got mothers polish but not the power ball will look into that.
  10. Polishing kits

    I've got mothers polish but not the power ball will look into that.
  11. Polishing kits

    ^ thanks bud gonna try this out.
  12. As said just looking for a polishing kit as I've neglected my bbs rs2s over the last two months just wanting a kit for my drill with the compounds and wheels.
  13. Boost issue

    Yeah a scan will be done soon after a blast last night after it seems better and was showing 20psi of boost so the throttle body must have been the problem but if it's fix it it's fixed it but wil still see what the scan comes up with as this problem might come back it's a horrible feeling to have no boost.
  14. Boost issue

    After driving back from work yesterday i went to give the car some boost but was quite erratic and didn't really boost so today I had a quick check for obvious signs of a boost leak but saw nothing so I thought I would give the throttle body a quick look at and cleaned it with some wynns injection cleaner and that seems to have done the trick but ive have had this issue once before and cleaned it before this time it wasn't really that dirty but I didn't think it would cause that much of an issue and i was sure it was something else like an n75 valve or the maf, not sure why my throttle body keeps causing this problem? its seems better but still not 100% oh yeah its a mk4 agu 1.8t stage 2 map by r-tech
  15. mk4 golf drop links

    Just on the look out for some new drop links for my neuspeed arb as both my fronts have a bit much movement in them been looking at a few different types are the plastic ones a no go also the adjustable ones or shall i just stick to the standard oem type.