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  1. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    If the time is right I definitely could be, its a car/ combo I've always wanted!
  2. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Great wheels, and good price in my opinion, just wish I had some money! Edit: You got something in mind as a replacement?
  3. Audi quattro S1 E2

    Awesome update dude, really looks like its coming on! Love the roof set up in your garage too
  4. 20 Valve Corrado

    Compomotives really suit it mate! Makes me excited to get nice wheels on my 'rado after winter! Engine bay on this looks phenomenal too
  5. Looking at getting a TIG welder for use at home, have a MIG for a few years now and would like to learn to TIG too Am I right in saying I should be looking for the best amperage range possible, AC & DC, and something with good stability at low amps? Do the majority have switchable torches now? It seems like you can get more welder for your money second hand, as I’m hoping not to spend a gigantic amount, but if anyone can offer some advice on the type of machine to get or even a new one that’s good value that would be great! Cheers for any help!
  6. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Olethalb (I think?) did one and had a build thread on here, all the photos might be wrecked now though!
  7. 1974 Swallowtail Golf G40

    Loved the way it sat on those steels, and the patina of it. Will be very cool with a G40 in, always fancied a mk1 g40
  8. 20vt Starter Motor Query

    I only know because mine broke and you could hear it spinning but the car wasn't turning over, so I knew it wasn't popping out
  9. 20vt Starter Motor Query

    Solenoid moves the starter out when you use it, they aren't meshing all the time?
  10. Rear brake options for Corrado VR6

    Interesting, I thought there was more stuff required than that, might go with Mk4 rears then if that's what's required to switch. Thanks man
  11. Rear brakes are getting a bit tired on my VR and if I'm going to mess with them I thought I might as well update them a bit at the same time, I've got the 312mm TT set up on the front and don't want the rears to look tiny in comparison. I know Mk4 rears get done quite a lot, is that the best/ only option? Without spending a fortune at least. Cheers for any help! I know there's a Corrado section but its fairly dead in there of late, and I've had a search on the Corrado forum, just looking for peoples experiences
  12. New Beetle Head unit Swap

    Possibly but I would think probably not, I'm assuming you have a short harness coming out of the back of the stereo (that came with it) and you basically need whats on the attached image going into that for it to work, and for it to keep memory and turn on and off the permanent and switch power supplies must be in the locations below, if they are both permanent, or the opposite way round, it will stay on when you take the key out. You can test them with a multimeter or a light up screwdriver or whatever
  13. New Beetle Head unit Swap

    Probably don't need it then, just tape it out of the way in case you want to use it in the future. No one of the plugs you plugged in should have two 12v powers on it, one permanently on that is for memory etc. and one that is switched with the ignition, so the stereo can turn on and off with the key. However beetles are on mk4 wiring so some have both live wires in the correct place, some have them the opposite way round and some I've done have only had one. If yours didn't turn off with the key, then the first thing to do is swap the yellow and red in the stereo wiring, they should have little pop out connectors in them as it's a pretty routine thing to have to do. if that doesn't solve the issue then you might have to find a switched power source (cig lighter, fuse box etc.) for it and feed it to the red wire in the stereo harness. I hope that makes sense, I'll do an image when I can get to a pc and try and be clearer lol
  14. New Beetle Head unit Swap

    Blue wire on the aerial adapter is for a remote/power signal as it probably has a signal booster built in, connect this to a switched 12v power supply. There should be two rectangular plugs, one that has all the power supplies and earth etc on it, and one that has all the speaker pairs on it, if you have another it could be a cd changer or the steering wheel controls or something like that, put a picture up and I'll tell you if I can