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  1. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    well done kid!!, lookin forward to the test drive
  2. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    is it runnin chris????? or am I bein a bit premature!!
  3. purple 9n polo TURBO build

    SOME PROPPER TOOLS WOULDN'T GO A MISS KID!!! a fookin claw hammer & 1 size fits all spanner!!, brave , very brave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. White van man! MK2 Caddy

    ?? found a use for the gti seats chris???
  5. 5x114 to 4x100

    just use 4x100 to 5x112 adapter & wobbly nuts if the wheels will allow you to do it?? don't forget to check spiggots too
  6. mk5 tdi..a few UD pics.. pg6

    nice, very nice indeed
  7. Belgian A4 B8

  8. Just transport'n y'all

    I just love tranportin!! mines off the road since NSKI blew the fukker up!! future plans:
  9. Vick's Corrado 24v V6. Sports GT Coupe

    are the same plans still in place vick?
  10. Project Starship Enterprise >>>

    any more pics yet?
  11. My Mars Red Mk1 fast road and track car

    gonna be a quick 'un
  12. My Pooper

    lookin forward to seein this finnished
  13. My new wee run about

    I think that MK5 will be needin a smooth grille
  14. SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    fantastic work so far!!!, keep us all updated