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  1. E38 2015

    Will do that then Thanks mike
  2. E38 2015

    Excellent I will put together my order and order at the show. Will you be taking a lot of stuff. Mk2, I'm after check strap seals, 90 spec arches, rear glass etc fairly good list
  3. Hi Will you guys be attending the show as a trader. If so I fancy getting some bits from you,
  4. Like every thing about this mk2, this is the way I like to see them. Need more carbon tweeks
  5. Non VAG display?

  6. Non VAG display?

    Is there anywhere on the show field were a non vag can display. Have a E30 M3 in white I'd like to bring down for people to appreciate as I haven't been able to complete my mk2 in time. Was gutted, will be the first year in 8 I haven't had a car on the show field
  7. SHOW AND SHINE 2015 - Tickets?

    What's the dates for this years show please
  8. Mk2 16v radiator fan wiring - need mine checked!

    That's what I thought join the 2 to the +. I take it there are 2 stages of the temp switch in the rad which controls it.
  9. Mk2 16v radiator fan wiring - need mine checked!

    Just to re live this topic. If I run a single slimline fan can you wire the fast and slow speed in anyway. Or use the fast speed wire on a second fan as a top up ???
  10. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    Will dig it out make sure it's a o2a and let you know mate
  11. Mk2 smooth'ish bay, 20v

    What's happened the the abf. Do you still have it. I'm looking for one for my mk2 I might have a box and flywheel
  12. Elsecar Mega Meet + Rallye Golf Show 2013

    Def be there as always :-) excellent show.
  13. Geeman's Oakie ABF'd Mk2

    How many other people had the cam to lol
  14. Geeman's Oakie ABF'd Mk2

    Loved every mon of the few days :-)
  15. Redders NEW ride.... Full rebuild.

    Everything but the married bit is why mine went. Miss it alot but glad I had done it and got the money. You should have seen the plans I had for mine lol Shall I keep my eye on the for sale section for the th2's lol