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  1. MK1 Mars Red - ABF conversion

    nice work dude. you might be hearing from me in the near future for some tips thinking of doing this
  2. Project *time warp*

    Just read this from the beginning.......amazingly clean and tidy love it . Youve inspired me to get on with my mk1'y
  3. mk1 golf green and pink

    The guy i bought it from kept it standard from the manifold and had a GTi exhaust fitted . Sounds alright.
  4. VW Beetle

    haha this is quality. id go for brown.
  5. mk1 golf green and pink

    Cheers dude. Well getting a new gearbox so i can actually drive it again and be in it again before i sell it or keep it off the road and strip it right down, but wanting to move out soon so money has got to be saved somwhere
  6. mk1 golf green and pink

    Just wanted to post a few pic up of my lil mk1 gx to see what you guys thought and im wanting to sell her at somepoint this year really so yh take a look. Ive changed a few little things to make her stand out a bit more out and about, not that there is very many Mk1's around my area. So take a look and feel free to comment. [/url]