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  1. Passat on Winters

    The tints on the rears are done with thin lines of gloss back vinyl, like some of the old scirocco's had. They look better in person.
  2. Passat on Winters

    Hi all, I've been a member on here for a while, thought it was about time i posted some pics from team Lilys. The 19's have been cleaned and put away so here are my new bargain eBay winters, fitted with custom designed rotational decals in reflective white and fluro pink. We've put a custom Alpine Ski - Team Transport logo in the window too, I'm considering going all out and sticking some Skis on the roof? I am on the look out for a cheap set of roof bars if anyone has any? Anyway let me know what you think, Cheers Paul
  3. My Daily Stealth Mk4 Golf

    One of the best golf's i've ever seen. good work. STEALTHY