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  1. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    Cool mate, I just popped them on the for sale section
  2. A4 Cabriolet. Take 2...

    I have some cantona 20 inch ally wheels if you interested? Car looks epic
  3. Right not been on here in a while Selling the xenons front on a px basis, want 400 plus your head lamps have kufatec harness
  4. 1999 mk4 golf v5 pickup?

    You in box is full man
  5. Wish I had bought your interior!!
  6. Carl's 2007 RS4 Avant

    You get that from guy from Wimbledon?
  7. Wow Matt shame about the new motor but it can always come at a later date What bits do you have left
  8. Carl's 2007 RS4 Avant

    this is what i am wanting to do, so will be keeping close eye on this one
  9. happy days matt cant wait to see it
  10. wa talking to the guy on instagram last night realy nice guy
  11. ok dude its here if u want it, wow thats a fair treck and be expensive to ship to canada
  12. i have a spare 225 40 18 tyre mate, bridgestone with 7mm on it, 40 pounds its yours! well you have done well selling all the parts, i struggled with my interior selling etc, but you have done well, cant wait to see the next 1
  13. shocking venue this year and awards....... well we wont go there hope its better next year
  14. lol matt what have i started here, well good look with it all mate, and hope the porsche comes soon
  15. my audi a4 b7 sline cab

    looks amazing on them merc rims