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  1. My Mkv Jetta Build (The story so far)

    That looks smart, where did you get the gloss black trims from? Are they a standard vw part?
  2. New Ride

    I've got a black s3 too, wasn't too sure about the chrome mirrors when i first got it, but i quite like them now. Like you say its something that sets them apart from a standard a3! Not sure about the adjustable tie rods, think they are only needed if your lowering it? i may be wrong though!
  3. Wheel width's for audi s3?

    ok, so same rolling radius would mean same width tyres all around? what damage can it do to the quattro system?
  4. I'm looking into getting a new set of wheels for my s3. Am i right in thinking that you cant put different width wheels front and back because of the quattro system?
  5. The Red Bus 1.6TD

    please tell me you didnt go to work yesterday then? and acc did something to your car? you should have come out last week gimpy leg, we got chucked out of spoons, im sure ypou will hear the full story soon!!
  6. MKII Digi 8v cutting out over bumps

    I had this exact same prblem with my mk2 digi, it drove me insane! Because the fault was intermittant my mechanic could never find the cause, because obviously it would be fine when he drove it! the eventual cure to the problem was by replacing the wire to the fuel pump from the fusebox, it never did it to me again after that! so that might be somewhere to start?
  7. The Red Bus 1.6TD

    Ha they are quality mate...when you going to road trip it to college!?
  8. Old Skool Cool, Here we come

    lovely car, my dad had one of these a couple of years ago, he still regrets selling it! i remember it going pretty well too!
  9. Quick tyre stretch question

    Yea my mate has a 195/40 on an 8J wheel and it looks sweet!
  10. wheel adaptor help

    Really? I had exactly the same set up on my mk2, 7x16 928's with 30mm adapters and they cleared fine, could the tyres make a difference? i was using 195/40's. but as far as using a spacer with the adapter i think you'd be better off selling them and buying thicker ones!

    i got a second hand pb ecu for
  12. "Chuggy" When cold 1800 Carb Engine.

    My old 1.6 driver had these exact same problems, was chuggy and would carry on running for a second or so after turning it off. The guy that bought it off me fitted a webber carb and had it set up properly and it runs really well now, cured all the problems it had!
  13. painting porsche centre caps

    I used humbrol to paint mine too, came out quite well! You need a steady hand though, no good if you've been on the lash the night before
  14. Furk'z Corrado G60- ****SOLD****

    Looking good! Think you drove past me on the m25 on sunday on the leatherhead stretch? I was in the white mk2, tried to catch up wit you but you were goneeeeee lol
  15. merc adapters

    Do you have any contact details?