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  1. What are these?

    Cheers guys!! Much appreciated!
  2. What are these?

    Does anybody recognise these wheels? Been trying to figure if out all week and it's doing my head in now
  3. mk1 passat coilovers

    its already been lowered on shocks and springs but they are on their way out and i am not sure what they came off, seems a bit of a mix of parts. Was lowered when i got it. Either way, if i am going to do it i want to do it properly this time around. The seats need a retrim and a few other bits and bobs need doing, i wouldnt worry, i am not going to take it too far from stock and i will ensure it is reversible if needs be. The value of the car is not a huge issue atm as i have no plans to ever get rid
  4. mk1 passat coilovers

    As above, finding it difficult to find coilovers for a mk1 passat. Any1 got any ideas. Do any golf items fit?? Cheers
  5. which driveshafts to use

    will the gti box fit straight on a 1.6 block?
  6. which driveshafts to use

    what will the ratios be like with the 1.6??? It will be a fair while before i can drop a 2.0 in and i know if i make the car feel a lot slower it will bug me to high heaven
  7. which driveshafts to use

    Mine is an 87 with the earlier engine code. So if i can get hold of 90mm mk3 driveshafts they should just bolt up?? Alternative option is to use a 16v gearbox yes?? Just wanting to confirm before i go buying more parts lol
  8. Custom hubs? who do them?

    can you not just get a set of hubs re-drilled???
  9. which driveshafts to use

    U have yes, I never would of considered using narrow track shafts until some1 mentioned it above. I am confused as to whether or not 100mm shatfs will mate up to my gearbox??? I have never changed a drive shaft in my life and this is the first time i have attempted to do such a thing on my own. If you read the whole thread u will see the amount of difference in opinion. I know it can be irritating explaining stuff to people who are new but there is no need for the hostile tone. I will re-word my question. Are there any reasons that any1 knows of that 100mm drive shafts wouldnt fit a 1.6 gearbox?? This was something brought up to me by a guy who has a fair bit of experience with it but hasnt ever used a 1.6 set up himself so couldnt be sure as to what would fit. I was lead to believe that 100mm cvs would be 2 big for the flanges on my gearbox??? If not, i will use the vr shafts i have, i just dont want to have to pull my car apart only to find i have stuff that is wrong
  10. which driveshafts to use

    At the minute I have vr tie rod ends, roll bar and wishbones with gti hubs. If mk 2 shafts are shorter how would that help? Or is the length adjusted with different cv's?
  11. which driveshafts to use

    so could i use mk3 90mm driveshafts with gti track rod ends and wishbones???
  12. which driveshafts to use

    So can any1 shed any light as to what driveshaft/cv combination would work using 1995 mk3 5 stud 16v hubs and a mk2 1.6 gearbox?
  13. which driveshafts to use

    What engine+box are you using?? Have you fitted it yet? and are u using 90 or 100mm driveshafts?
  14. which driveshafts to use

    i didnt think the 4 stud mk3's were any wider than mk2's??
  15. which driveshafts to use

    I want to widetrack my 1.6 driver as i have everything i need from a previous project but dont have the time or cash to do (and insure) an engine conversion. An ABF or 9A is in the pipelines for the coming year or so but i want to get my wheels and brakes etc on now. Any1 know of any driveshafts i can use with my 1.6 gearbox?? or any other way around it??