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  1. My mk3 VR6T

    ...been reading through all 155 pgs..Wow...
  2. MK3 GTI 8V from Belgium

  3. Hey, Ive got a MK3 which has heated seats, which have now been replaced by the mk4 Recaros. Does any one know how to wire them up to the existing harness. Thanks
  4. Golf MK4 312MM Front Brakes

    ive spoken to my mechanic and ive got 280mm fsIII front brakes, to reslove this issue do i go and buy golf 1.8gti ball joints and attach them to the audi tt mk1 hubs?
  5. Golf MK4 312MM Front Brakes

    Yeah that would be good if you could..I've got the TT steering rack already fitted to the car and that seems to be ok..but its been one thing after another..
  6. Golf MK4 312MM Front Brakes

    I'm so confused.. Let me get this straight, currently I'm running 288mm front breaks and standard hubs and wishbones. I've got carriers and callipers which are different to my standard ones they're bigger I think there audi TT callipers as they've got the audi and VW emblem on them..I don't have TT wishbones so I should be able to use my existing hubs (from a 1.8 Gti non turbo) with the new carriers and callipers? So I can't use the TT hubs unless I'm using TT wishbones and ball joints? I appreciate all the help as my mechanic is saying it can't be done which I know is a LIE as its a common upgrade which many people have done as he's saying that somethings not tightening up related to the ball joint ..ahh the joys of dubbin Thanks
  7. Evening all..I've got a issue with upgrading my front brakes..I purchased Audi TT MK1 hubs to fit the brakes and also got hold of the callipers and carriers to got with it. So it came to fitting them where the problems started. I got my mechanic to hit the hubs and found that the ball joints different and also the carriers have 2 19mm bolts to attach them to the calliper. I thought it was a straight forward job but as I've learned its not always as simple, so my question is do I need the ball joints off a TT MK1 and where can I get hold of these bolts to secure the carriers and callipers together? Any help would be appreciated.