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  1. intercater stuck on

    help lol
  2. intercater stuck on

    n e onee
  3. intercater stuck on

    changed the hazard switch its wierd cz its just the left one stock on
  4. intercater stuck on

    i sort of need the intercators for mot lol.. overwise i would of lol.. ps its for the bora
  5. intercater stuck on

    ive locked my car and the left intercater has stock on all three on the outside and even on the dash. i cant get it off. any reason wot it could be cheers many thanks
  6. Post your boot builds!

    Cz it took him a year lol. SORry jas it had to b sed lol
  7. dora bora

    got the engine runnin sweet and propally now.. got a couple fings to finish of.. updates.. shorter top mounts and struts. engine spacers 10mm wheels spacers small number plate ful recaro interir in now in. dails fitted fings left to do b4 mot on friday. fit coolin system. bleed the clutch. check over everyfink. and take it for test drive
  8. VW polo top mounts for VW bora

    Hi does anyone know which the polo top mounts are that will fit on my bora.. im looking for them to lower my bora more. im just not sure on the part numbers etc.
  9. Mk4 1.6 to 3.2 Audi TT supercharged conversion

    hows this comin on
  10. dora bora

  11. dora bora

    at long last ive got some update ont he dora its been a while i no lol this is how the bora sat b4 my lil accident . since i smashed my sump the car has been sat on stand. (june 2010) i removed the front end completely and engine was removed. refurded the audi r8 wheels and rapped in new 215.35 tyres.. (ingored the tyre paste in pics) smoothed front bumper and repsrayed took head lughts about and sprayed insides new fk coilovers new cold air feed and new recaros and engine wise i thought well im puttin a brand new engine in why not have everyfink brand new. so i ranf turbo ccentre and had a good chat with them and we dicided on a nice big hybrid turbo. all got a sach single mass flywheels and clutch. (arm and a leg) plus the extra £180 just for a strong anuf thrust bearin to hand 450lb/torque. bearing should b arive some time next week as it is bein made.as soon as it arrive everyfink is ready for engine to go back in.. once its all back in and runnin i got to 2000 miles to run every fink in then book it in to voodoo motorsports for a custom remap.
  12. my wide bodied a4 tdi

  13. engine spacers

    wot is required to do wen i fit engine spacers. do i need to move an think... also were can i get them from .. its for a pd 130 bora cheers tom owen
  14. wot duel mass and clutch

    it is remaped to 175bhp... money is not a issue as gd plenty of tym to sort it out . but got bwt 450 saved for the kit but dont sure wot kit to go for
  15. engine spacers

    wots the price on ur spacers buddy