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  1. How to lower caddy?

    How do ya flip the rear axle I may be being really stupid but if ya don't know ask lol
  2. How to lower caddy?

    Hey I have just bought a mk1 caddy can anyone tell me step buy step what I need and how I drop in on it ass Thank you Mark
  3. mk2 golf 5 door roof lineing

    please delete
  4. im looking at doing somthing with my roof lineing today but dont know how to take it out or how easy or hard it is, i would be really greatful if someone could give me step by step instructions. thanks mark
  5. mk2 golf project so far

    guess people dont like the wheels lol
  6. mk2 golf project so far

    have done other bits and bobs like badgeless front grill and little things like that
  7. mk2 golf project so far

    Hi there thought i would post up about my 1.6 mk2 golf, i would just like some feedback and suggestions on what to do next cheers the car when 1st bought for £500 completely stranded, put on fk coil overs and put on some mini starmags 13x7 all round then straight up swapped my starmags for a set of weller steels, then done somthing i think is quite cool up next new steering wheels i got of the gf for Christmas, then thinking new interior and maybe new engine cheers for looking any feedback would be awesome