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  1. Got to love a G lader! Good work!
  2. Audi 80 Cab

    Such handsome cars and yours looks especially good!
  3. The Story of a Dear Old Mk4 Ibiza TDi...

    I have a Cordoba as my daily similar age. Mine is rough as a badgers and a 130tdi. Good little car though.
  4. Sports Utility Race Van

    Looking forward to seeing the wheels and tyres fitted to this.
  5. Mk 2 coupe build

    Excellent work. The Nodiz will be cool! Good tunability should release some extra power. Looking forward to updates.
  6. Bobby Singh's Audi 3.0 TDI project

    Fantastic work. That torque must be fantastic!
  7. Small bumper and D90's will look fantastic.
  8. Daz's Golf Mk3 4doot CL project

    It should look alright on those wheels once you get the coillies on!
  9. That white mk1 on those Maserati rims

    Just read this thread from start to finish. Cracking build, I like the evolution over time and I'm loving the direction you're going in now. That engine choice is inspired! What are you doing for induction? Carbs? ITBs?
  10. Mk2 golf ABF syncro

    Looks like a great project.
  11. I'm picking up a Mk2f Polo on Saturday as a 2nd car. Its currently standard but I plan on modifying it (the normal stuff lowering, wheels, interior etc) will this be a massive problem? I know of companies in the past that have said the vehicle needs to already be modified to go on a specialist policy.
  12. That is a fanastic colour. You must have put a decent amount of prep in to get that kind of finish from a lidl gun!!
  13. Project Lopu

    Megane Scenic wheels? I was going to upgrade from my Clio 15" steels to Scenic 16's when I had my Arosa, but then I bought an A4 instead haha.
  14. Which Coilovers?! HELP!

    Another reccomendation for AP's. Had them on my A4 and you can't get better for the money. Spend less and you're gunna be looking at budgets like TA technix, fk streets and rokkor and they are going to be quite hard and crashy
  15. Daves mk2 VR

    Haven't seen an E30 dash in a Golf for years. Keep up the good work!