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    gold wheels!!
  1. Mk2 R32 track car

    good start
  2. 75 marinogelb swallowtail

    great little car, lots of hard work ahead though!
  3. Welding Mk1 golf aftermarket sunroof up

    I was hoping to find someone capable of doing such a good job no filler is required. There must be people out there who spend 24/7 welding and fabricating delicate sheet steel. The carbon roof skin is a no go for this car.
  4. Welding Mk1 golf aftermarket sunroof up

    Thanks for the advise. Think I would rather leave the sunroof that replacing the entire roof skin, will have think about it. 1). Roof skins are very hard to find. 2). I don't want to butcher the existing roof further car in question.... its a bit dusty since its been in storage for 2 years. Nothing really wrong with it.
  5. Hi, I have recently purchased a 79 Mk1 GTi. The car is fitted with an aftermarket sunroof that really detracts from the character of the car. I have TIG and Mig experience but am not interesting in doing this job myself. I am looking for someone who has a track record of perfect metalwork who is suitable for the job in hand. Unless the finish achieved is perfect I'm not interested. If anyone can make a recommendation please let me know! I'm in Kent, happy to travel for the right person. much appreciated, Steve.
  6. been for the last 3 years in a row. Not going this year, seeing all the nonsense going on this year definitely makes me feel a tiny bit better.
  7. G60 overfueling badly

    check all the wires to the fuel injectors. they operate using a switched negative so if the wire is split somewhere...
  8. Corrado G60

    very clean car, enjoyed having a poke round this at UD!
  9. Ultimate dubs 2016

    Was very very good this year but I was surprised that they allowed some traders to just fill space with sofas etc rather than having more cars! There was quite a lot more room in the entrance bit where people queue up to get a couple more cars in as well.
  10. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    such a good project
  11. Vr6 Mk2 Scirocco.

    if you lower the engine & gearbox into place and bolt in the 3 gearbox mounts the other 2 engine mounts are very easy to locate and weld in place. there is a bit of drilling, cutting and welding involved but the engine sits very nicely.
  12. Vr6 Mk2 Scirocco.

    He blew the engine on this and has just got it back on the road!
  13. Early Mk2 Scirocco

    Fantastic thread. Fantastic car! !