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  1. DGK Mk3

    Would be ace to get it lower, but the bottom arms are pulling cats eyes out at the moment and im also entering the old and grumpy era so toying with ways to stop it smashing the floor without raising the car. Only option atm seems to be a subframe raise. Anyone have experience with flattening the lip under the sills without creating another point where it'll rust?
  2. DGK Mk3

    Neighbours do indeed, they love the smell of paint in the morning Cheers, glad ive gained motivation with the thing again, was beginning to think about selling up
  3. DGK Mk3

    Its Friday, so time for another update, hopefully bringing you until now! So, after a long debate with the misses, we moved house so i could have a garage and a nice flat driveway as ive always been more fond of staying static than putting air ride on a £500 car. a whole week went by and this happened.. Then took it for a drive around the 'hood, so my new neighbours knew what they'd let themselves into. Stripped, sanded, fillered, dents pulled, rust repaired for the time being (not that there was much). Now onto the painting, basically the money i was going to spend on paint got sapped by moving house, so £70 later and this happened, everything go painted, door shuts, behind panels and all sorts, all in the space of 2 weeks with no prior experience in painting anything more than a grille badge. Test fit of its face transplant.. Inside its bootlid This was our first show of the year, basically the deadline i set to get it to the point i can drive it again, it made it, but it looked worse than before. I then got it back and got underway with swapping a few more things out, i kind of wanted to keep a jap theme going throughout this build, not sure why, just seemed to suit it the colour. This went in, 1 of 20 JimmyUp wheels of its style, went in with a MOMO boss. Threw some old Seat Ibiza clocks in, ignore the mileage Picked up a set of wheels and plopped them on Now some more fun started, i wanted not to be able to run a VR spliiter anymore, the coilovers at this point were wound to the bottom so after weeks of searching, these turned up at my door. These helped drop the car another 20mm Which i felt still wasnt anywhere near enough, so whipped the helper springs out and chopped the bump stops down This did it, it was finally low. however had some slight fitment issues.. Fitted my US splitter and this is where i am at today, i have missed a lot out, i know. Thanks for reading, just adding a few more pictures up to my photo bucket and ill get them up! Glenn.
  4. DGK Mk3

    Right, where had we got to. So far, the mods i had taken out on the thing were. 17" 4x100 7.5" TSW Venoms with 195/40/17 Landsails G60 front brakes, no pictures of these but i rebuilt them and got them powdercoated in gloss and satin black with EBC pads and OEM discs, this was a straight swap. Seat Cordoba phase 2 splitter as you can see, needed a lot of work to get it to fit nicely Jap inspired bootlid which was custom built Hella Quads Hella Green tail lights OEM Highline wooden steering wheel Swapped a fabric roof onto it, which was a lot easier than anticipated Kamei grill blende Kamei bumper vents Prosport Coilovers Fischer CD holder Thats all i can think of at this point in time, i shall put what pictures i have up from when it looked like this. Little trip to the IoW, the roads were somewhat ruined, the car got attacked by cows licking it, i assume because on the ferry it got covered in salt. Adding spacers, painted the drums and rolled the arches and sealed them After that dreaded dusty rain we had for 2 weeks last year.. So that brings you up to earlier this year i guess, this is where something came over me and i didnt like the 90's inspired look anymore and wanted to make some bigger changes, some you may not all agree on, but who builds their car to someone elses dream right?
  5. DGK Mk3

    I had seen a few on Facebook running 16" 5x100's, they looked mega and the whole thing was to the ground static, however at this point i wanted to keep the car useable as i stored the car at my parent and their driveway was appalling so this was the guise it kept for almost 6 months before i could store it at my house, with a lovely smooth, flat driveway
  6. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Awesome build, just got some RC041/042's for mine. cant wait to strip and build back up!
  7. DGK Mk3

    Hello. I have had a plethora of Mk3's in the past ~10 years, however I have only browsed these forums for ideas and the odd post asking questions etc. This will be a run up until now as i have had the car well over a year, so will keep updating until im in line with where i am now with the thing. I am far from computer literate these days since Windows 10 has taken over so bare with me. First off, early last year i bought a mk3, how most years start out for me i guess, so heres a picture of when it came into my life; As you can see, it has a flappy roof which some of you may seem as a disability to this poor breed of car. However, it was all there. all 74 sterling horses from its sprightly 1.8, many a skin were pullen off a rice pudding when this was new ill bet! Also this came with a dreaded vinyl roof, which was cracked, faded and barely water tight. However, the base of the car is what i was after, STANDARD. First things first, as always after a purchase was a fill up on Tesco Super Unleaded and give it a good hard beating (after checking fluids of course) Next on the list were a set of ProSport Coilovers, because i had a new set lying about for some reason. Quite like prosport as theyre budgets but are very firm and will happily go very low. Thought i had pictures of when it was low on standard wheels, but apparently not. So anyway I got hunting for parts for this old thing and in my time i managed to find a set of NIB Hella Greens, a custom bootlid (not your average US one) and also found some immaculate Hella smoked quads. This is probably up to August last year. I will add some more to this tomorrow, try to bring it up to speed and up to date. Glenn.
  8. inspirational. from me wanting to sell mine to just spending money on it, just from a read through of this.
  9. My mk3 VR6T

    same as above. fell out of any kind of love for my mk3 cab and now im looking at slapping some hydros on it and using it, instead of pussyfooting over the smallest of bumps and rarely taking it out.
  10. VW Golf mk3 gti FS

    wow. this has moved on more in a few months than mine has in 2 years.
  11. Mk3 project salvage

    Auyyy. Finally a mk3 friend on here.
  12. Tech help.

    Really. My door speakers are poop anyway. New, just terrible. No bass coming from the door area at all. So my head unit isn't powering these up enough so need an amp? Also will be buying a set of sundown subs once I get the treble/mid sorted. It just distorts quite easily, not when overly quiet but once its nearly loud enough it crackles. I'm no wiz, I know good brands but that's about it (vibe aren't good, I've learnt). You suggest I go balls deep, screw the mid range for now, get myself a couple of subdowns and whop a big amp in there for now?
  13. Tech help.

    Ok, I've got a mk3 Cabriolet and wanted to upgrade the sound quality. Got a Philips DAB radio, wired it up. Works well etc. Then wanted a better sound quality and went for Vibe Slick 6.5 coax speakers at 120w, these however sound worse than the standard speakers I had. Would they need to be amped? If so, what amp? My head unit kicks out about 50w peak and I've tried others and they all sound rather terrible. Also any dirt cheap sound deadening on eBay worth getting?
  14. MK3OC - Show/Meet.

    8-10 August @ Stoke Prior Sports & Country Club, Bromsgrove B60 4AL.
  15. MK3OC - Show/Meet.

    Anyone going to the MK3OC meet this weekend?! I say meet as i believe its meant to be on 10/8/14 but believe camping is available from the friday, so guess itll turn out to be more of a show. To be fair the only information ive got on it is via Facebook. Just hope its worth the hour and a half drive!