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  1. ITB'd 2.0 16v Mk1

    I'll get some pics of the seat fitting up soon, the car is proper slow progress at the moment due to the fun of trying to buy a house amongst other things!
  2. ITB'd 2.0 16v Mk1

    Still sat in the garage, still not doing a lot... Thinking about selling the TT interior and chucking my electric Recaro's in though... PM me if you're interested in the TT's
  3. Try Venhill performance over near Dorking, they can make cables to any size
  4. SWB Audi Sport Quattro

    Awesome to see it so nearly finished, wish I had a fraction of the determination that you've shown, I'm struggling to even get the enthusiasm to get out to the garage, and you've built a total one-off, better than motorsport spec monster, in pretty much the same time... Hamish, I salute you, and it can't be coincidence that both my favorite VAG builds, are both white, 4WD, 5cyl turbo'd, and seriously well engineered machines (I'm talking about Baz's Mk2 if you hadn't guessed it!)
  5. The Tarmac Rally Mk3 VR6

    converted on my 16th birthday...
  6. riskies rides

    One of the only Mk3's I like, shame it doesn't work, should've just left it round mine to be honest much love x
  7. golf m2 racer

    Top drawer components, this is going to be amazing when finished!
  8. Supercharged MK3 cabby

    as I said on sitonmyfacebook, it's coming along nicely, and I like where it's going, you know my thoughts on Mk3's too, so it's def. a compliment!
  9. Raef's white mk1 16v project

    ah, my soon to be ex-colleague, haven't actually said hello to you at work yet! You coming out for my leaving drinks tomorrow after work?
  10. Aston Martin needs VW part number - 5B0 919 372

    aye, we had a look on our up to date copy and pulled up the same Jon, anyway, looks like it's sorted now!
  11. Aston Martin needs VW part number - 5B0 919 372

    If it's a T25, they used a watercooled boxer engine, and a diesel that is the same as the ones used in Mk1/2's as well, ETKA isn't bringing up the part no. though, let me look into it a bit more...
  12. refitting mk1 handles

    should just be the one screw on the side, the front end just clips in?
  13. ITB'd 2.0 16v Mk1

    Well, Friday sees me moving onto pastures new so I've a new enthusiasm for this, plus the quarterly bonuses I should be getting will help out! Next up on the list are: New bare wishbones (mine are the originals so have the riveted in balljoints, but they need replacing, it's probably easier just to buy new ones) Full exhaust system, I took the Jetex back as I couldn't be bothered with trying to make it fit, and have found a supplier who will do a 2.5" system to fit a late cabrio Get my ECU ordered up Wire ECU/Engine loom Fit the remaining seats Dye/Replace the headliner (it's white, I want black) Replace the clocks (I think I'm going Mk2 16v clocks in the Mk1 dash, for the revs, we're aiming at 7k +) Fit braided lines, and 280mm adaptors Cut back drivers arch, roll both rears Paint bonnet/bumper Cut blanking plates out of grille (more airflow the better) Drop/space rears (I have the spacers) Think that's about it for now, so not much
  14. What Coolant/anti-freeze do i need?

    depends what it had in it originally, but G12+ will mix safely with any of the other VAG (or non VAG) coolants, whereas you can't mix say G10 and G12 together
  15. top fill rad

    exactly that, the rad has a built in header/expansion tank, as I said, you may have to mess about with a couple of hoses (nothing too tricky, it should just be a combo of Mk1/2 hoses, you might even already have all you need) and blocking off the appropriate feed to the header tank, again, there may well be a factory option that allows you to do this, but until you've got it all together you won't know