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  1. Photoshop request

    Hey i just wondered if a few of you amazing photoshoppers out there could change the colour of my wheels to whatever colours you like, i plan on spraying them during this week and just need some ideas of what colour would look best. thanks alot. The more colours and shades the better (just not black please, i hate black wheels with a passion)
  2. Rupie's A4 Avant

    Been waiting for you to get a move on with a build thread. Is getting there mate, cant wait to see the full pictures when you got her sitting how you want, is gunna look mighty fine indeed.
  3. Mk2 golf GTi 16v Monza Blue

    Just an update on the boot i done yesterday.
  4. Mk2 golf GTi 16v Monza Blue

    So over the weekend i decided to spray my wheels white. After 18hours of sanding them down i coudl finally get on with spray, really pleased with the outcome, my fingers are rather saw now though, few pictures.. Will be doing something to the boot this weekend so watch this space Edit: I Actully just had to use up some grey primer i had left over, it got sprayed over with white primer
  5. Mk2 golf GTi 16v Monza Blue

    Thought i would give an update on the bognor valver, witch seems to be going strong, apart form troubles with the gearbox after driving to northampton, but im hoping it will take me again at the start of next month for edition show, may bring a tow rope as i dont have breakdown cover and my mate will be coming along in his mk2 also. Not much done to be honest, but this weekend am gonig to get busy and spray the RA's white and inlet manifold white also. I really need some stance on this, so i think im going to have to sell the RA's and get some wider wheels as spacers isnt going to give me the wideness im looking for to fill the arches. Also put it on coilovers so i can set the wheels i get off nicely, witch are going to be 14's but not sure what yet. All in good time, too much outgoing meens not enough towards the car. How could you possibally send a car like this to a scrappy, its all about fixing what is wrong, not sending it off to it's final resting place. A few Pictures then... The HDR, looks a bit odd as i was parked on a strange shaped dip on a bit of a verge.. So how come its been around the block, anything i need to know about this car?
  6. 2nd and 5th gear trouble

    Basically when changing gear into second from third it wont happen, or very rarley, and to get into fith i have to faff about and push down on the gearstick to muscle my way into it. I think the box may be starting to whine a little bit, This started to happen once i arrives at the PoloShow at the start of the month, im hoping to take it to edition show, a 320mile round trip for me, do i risk the journey with no breakdown cover?
  7. Battery won't charge, not earthed?

    When i have the ignition on my window switches illuminate even without my lights on, bit strange.. I will get a new battery, halfords jobby as the bosch is 100. It's just i think the same would just happen though, i would evently drain the new battery and end up having to just replace that one within a week or two.
  8. Battery won't charge, not earthed?

    Yes i do have trouble with starting the car, i only get one or two starts so i cant even take it anywhere. But before the battery was nackerd it wasnt getting charged properly. What are halfords own brand batteries like, a waste of time?
  9. Battery won't charge, not earthed?

    it's only nackerd because it wouldnt charge and i drained it, then would charge it up using a charger you plug in the wall, but now that doesnt even really work... i just wonderd why, when i check the reading and it said 13.5 - 14 it's not charging..
  10. E38X | New Flyer

    i didn't even get a look in at the tent last year as it was so packed out, but i couldn't say i was dissapointed as raving isn't really my thing. I can see this year being alot better without the rave and hightend security. It's all about being chilled out, very drunk and just talking Dubs with a BBQ meeting like minded people and having a laugh whilst admiring top class cars!
  11. Battery won't charge, not earthed?

    The battery is nackerd as i've charged it up from absolout flat using a battery charger you plug in the wall a few times now. could it possibally be the wrong alternator or something? but im guessing as im getting the 13.5 - 14 reading that the alternator is not the problem here.. What would be the best way to make an additional earth?
  12. As per title realy, my battery won't charge up even though when i put a volt-meter on the battey whilst the engine is running I'm getting a reading of 13.5 to 14. could it be the battery isn't earthed properly, even though i cleaned it up with a wire brush and all the terminals and it seems to be getting earthed but obvioulsy there is no way of testing it so can't be 100%. I am going to rig up an additional earth to the battery some how, not too sure how yet so if anyone could reccomend anything i would be very greatful and do you know if this sounds like it could be the problem? thanks. Dale
  13. Golf Mk2 GTi cuts out/wont idle

    sorted now, cheers, some wrist exerciser screwed the idle screw magiggy fully in