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  1. Anyone in West Sussex with vagcom?

    Ok maybe it's not vagcom you use, just looking for someone who knows and can help
  2. Anyone in West Sussex with vagcom?

    Can you help then n8s?
  3. Anyone in West Sussex with vagcom?

    About half an hour on a good run,
  4. Hi as per the title I'm looking for someone in West Sussex who is able delete the rear lamda sensors from my ecu on my mk4 r32 as I have a decat and they often cause the engine management light to come on. I will obviously pay anyone who is able to help. Please post here or pm me. Thanks
  5. My new mk1

    Cheers mate, I do like the look of the cage also, but im pretty set on sticking some seats in there now, Do want to go lower but im strugling with a very long bumpy driveway everyday, so im not sure , I may be moving soon anyway so its on the cards
  6. My new mk1

    Thanks for the info, i have had a look but cannot find it, any help greatly appreciated. Cheers
  7. My new mk1

    Advice on the seats PLEASE!!
  8. My new mk1

    No im in west sussex, I have seen a couple around on forums that look pretty similar tho..
  9. My new mk1

    No one fitted mk5 seats? could do with a bit of advice....
  10. My new mk1

    someone must have fitted mk5 seats???
  11. My new mk1

    Forgot to say i think im set now on going for a 16v running bike carbs,
  12. My new mk1

    Right new pics, Its been a while, but its up and running as my daily, got a few niggles tho, fan is not working etc, but got some new rims, ats classics 7s and 8s also got some mk5 fabric interior, Planning to take the cage out, get the seats in which look like its going to be quite a challenge, If anyone has done this before please get in contact, anyway new pics below. Cheers
  13. My new mk1

    Aparrent catastporhic head gasket failure, He said he didnt have it anymore, sourced a cheap 1.1 and have slung it in for now while i gather bits to do a conversion,
  14. My new mk1

    Its alive, first start today! drives welll but cant select first... More fiddling to be done Still need new rims .....
  15. My new mk1

    Thanks mate, yeah im not keen on the 16s at all either, more pics soon hopefully. Cheers