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  1. Skoda Octavia II vRS

    Nice, I have a blue petrol VRS, but I was tempted by a red one. I don't suppose you have the part numbers for the new style badges? Want to do mine..
  2. C-J, small world! Can't believe you still have the S2000!
  3. DIY Rattle can spray jobs thread

    Great thread, I need to do something with my old Fiesta, thinking a rattle can matte or satin.
  4. Plasti Kote matte grey

    It is bare metal. Thanks
  5. Has anyone used the Plasti Kote spray cans? I need to paint my MTB frame and fancied going matte grey. Not after a particularly spectacular finish as it's a downhill bike which gets battered about anyway, it's currently 'raw' and looking a bit tatty now - I have some etch primer to prime the frame first.
  6. Anybody tried Flocking?

    It may only be a small area, but you've still got to take into account the time and prep, £20 isn't a lot of money for someone's skill, time and materials.
  7. music with no headunit

    The Parrot bluetooth kits are an alternative, and you get a phone kit too. http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/hands-free-car-kits/
  8. Have PM'd multiple admins, not had a single response
  9. DSG Remapping. Anyone?

  10. Thanks for the advice guys! I'll certainly check out the 2k direct gloss. Going to give the wrapping a go this weekend on the roof, will post an update after
  11. Thanks for the advice. I'll look into 2k direct gloss and have a look for the seller you recommend. I have looked into the safety aspect, I have a large rolling road extraction fan I could power up at half or quarter strenght to extract fumes and I'd wear a mask, but yeah, I know it's not good!
  12. This is what i am dealing with, have started prepping the roof, but you can see the cracks above the windows Lacquer peal on drivers door.
  13. Only because I bought satin wrap so kinda got used to the idea.. but yeah, I think a gloss DIY finish would be harder. What irks me is that the panels that are fine (about half the car) are really really shiny, so I don't think I'd get that level myself.
  14. hello I'm after a bit of advice about paining my car, long story short, it had a very expensive bare metal paint job done about 7 years ago, looked amazing for a year or two, then the cracks started to show, literally! The roof is the worst panel, I had my bodyshop look at it (different to the bodyshop who painted it) and he said that it looks like there was moisture in the compressor lines. The roof, bonnet, top of drivers door and the A pilar backwards on one side has paint cracking and flaking off. I have started preping the roof in order to wrap it, which is going fine, the moisture seems to be in the colour rather than the lacquer which means I have taken the roof to primer to get through it. However I need to address the other dodgy panels too, and I think my paint skills are probably better than my wrapping skills to do the whole car! It's no show car, it's not worth a lot (priceless to me of course!) and doesn't warrant another 3k paint job. I mainly use it for 'fun' and track days, it's my 2nd car too. The wrap I have bought for the roof is matte grey, looks pretty cool and I'd be happy to matte grey the whole car. However, since wrapping has a finite life time, and I intend to keep the car going for as long as possible, I am wondering whether a matte or satin DIY job would do the trick and save me having to re do in a couple of years time. I have a paint gun and a compressor, a workshop and a lot of patience, so I think I'd be able to do a reasonable job, but will probably need some help and guidance along the way. Research so far has suggested that a normal 2k colour can be applied, flatted and then finished with a matte or sating lacquer - is that the norm? I have also found a kit in the States called Hot Rod Flatz - http://www.tcpglobal.com/Customshop/ksflatz.aspx but can't find these in the UK. I'm also assuming that the panels that are fine would just need a sand and prep and then colour, or do I need to prime the whole car? Oh, and before anyone asks, the bodyshop who painted it closed down a while ago, and it wasn't my car when it was painted, so I can't take it back. Any advice? Thanks in advance, Karen
  15. best lacquer in a spray can

    He didn't specify 2k, and they're the best lacquer I have used from a can.. Is no one else allowed to offer an opinion?