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  1. My "banned" mk2

  2. "the rebuild of Andy's Golf, and my RS4 daily"

    great read and some great skills! can i have the honda
  3. great work, love a proper build thread
  4. Hooligan 9n Polo..

    its not very hooligan is it
  5. RR DAY! 8th November 10am EFI PARTS

    Full details can be found here, get your name down quickly as spaces usually fill really quickly! https://www.facebook.com/events/1481476445474062/?notif_t=plan_user_joined 8) Everyone's welcome write up from our last meet can be found here http://www.mcr-vtec.co.uk/forum/topic14649.html
  6. Project Rubystone Porsche 964

    that last picture
  7. fabricators/car splitter makers..

    i can help (bit late maybe... just browsing through)
  8. Mk2 octavia vrs

    leds Y0
  9. MKII GTI' 86

    pictures look great
  10. Gee's Porsche 944 S2 project

    loved the black one! interested to see these 2 progress now