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  1. Dans White MK1 Golf - THE BUILD

    Just read this start to finish, what an inspirational build, loving your work.
  2. TTRS - "OEM+"

    Can't wait to see what the SIC boys get up to with this.........
  3. Miami Vice

    I still can't believe how brilliant that looks, mk1 perfection mate.
  4. Fastmonkeys New Ride - 3dr MK3 GTI 8V

    @fat tone - Yep I know that feeling it's relentless, I still massively miss the mk2 it was such a cool car, but when they are that modified they always need something. Get it back on the road, listen to that charger, fix anything that isn't working 100% and don't upgrade or change anything. There's a plan ;-)
  5. Miami Vice

    off in the wilderness Matty ;-) Back into my bikes as of last summer, but in the market for a mk5 GTI, preferably an Ed30, so i'll be back soon :-)
  6. Fastmonkeys New Ride - 3dr MK3 GTI 8V

    Hello chaps, yep good to be back ! I had another 911 for 9 months or so, but sold that on a week or so ago, I kept the mk3 as it was such a good straight car and just sorn'd it. Now it's been pressed back into service. I'm looking for a mk5 Ed30 or GTI or MK6 GTI at the moment as I'm back into my motorbikes at the moment so want to get something to mess about with. Then when I get that I'll sell the mk3 How you boys doing what's news ?
  7. Miami Vice

    Love this Matty, it looks incredible............
  8. Fastmonkeys New Ride - 3dr MK3 GTI 8V

    Well in my normal world of changing cars like the weather I have now got rid of my other car and this is back on the road now, but could be very temporary as I'm off to view another car on Friday. So very likely this will be up for sale again if anyone is interested in a very clean mk3 8v GTI with no mods at all pm me.
  9. 8" sub recommendation

    I had an Alpine in my mk3 and it was brilliant couldn't believe it was only an 8". It's still for sale in the classifieds (shameless plug ) http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=511994
  10. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    Always love follow my old car and seeing the ongoing great progress you make with it I bought another 996 c4s, I couldn't find anything I enjoyed driving more ! My modifying bug is being satisfied with a Ducati 848 evo that I'm building into a track bike over the winter http://i183.photobucket.com/albums/x35/Fastmonkey/WP_20131216_003_zps6ec81eab.jpg[/img]
  11. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    Luke - you are a legend, the work you have put into this is amazing. And everytime you make it just a little bit better.
  12. Fastmonkeys New Ride - 3dr MK3 GTI 8V

    Sub Enclosure, Vibe amp and 8" Alpine Sub all for sale now in the ICE Classifieds or PM me for details. Car advert coming soon..............
  13. Fastmonkeys New Ride - 3dr MK3 GTI 8V

    This was a temporary car for me and will be up for sale, just thought I'd mention it here first in case anyone is interested. Will be sold with the immaculate Recaro front seats in but otherwise it is a completely standard 3dr mk3 8v with the only rust to mention being a few little spots of surface rust on the body panels, nothing on the wings, cills or anywhere structural. Long mot, 3dr, non sunroof with air con 73k miles, service history I'll do a full ad when it's ready for sale but if anyone is interested pm me. Simple pricing. £1250 without audio £1500 with.
  14. Madmanluke's Mk2 VR conversion

    Looking splendid as usual Luke, the journey of this car continues , its an up and down one !
  15. Carl's 2007 RS4 Avant

    Still looking mega lush............ Not keen on the shortened plate though.............