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  1. Charcoal is good for removing odours... try some.
  2. Spuey's chilli red vento..

    ah, you've sorted it. There is a lad on my facebook who has just advertised a abf engine and box. If the one I've just taken to the ring and back doesn't sell this week its being broken so hit me it should you need anything.
  3. Spuey's chilli red vento..

    Great progress mate.
  4. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Vento ??? What vento ??? Oh balls yeah, I own a Vento. Longest build ever ! Need to start putting pressure on the body shop now as really do want it back. As for the Mk4....1 dead intercooler. Fear not though, I have a darkside developments replacement on the way. you cool bud ? One day the Vento and raddo will roll again.
  5. White Vento VR6

    Awesome mate, so glad to read another Vento build thread.
  6. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Stuff going on slowly but surely but that's not real surprise with this thing. Waiting for the call any day to say its finished. Purchases in the mean time though have been happening so in know particular order. 1st up G60 front callipers / carriers, no picture as their at the powder coaters being painted so pic of them to follow Rear disc conversion stuff though came. Needs to join the fronts at the powder coaters Sebring back box, finally putting an end to my vento exhaust worries of the car coming back and looking good and having a shocking standard back box that looked shat. Cheers Darkdub for that... Now for the Red road trip toy.... Ibiza Cupra 16'' ronals - all with 7mm 195 / 45 / 16 tyres - bargain of the century on them ! and arrived yesterday so that's some spring lows sorted for the trip that will look decent but still be high enough for the ring. sorry about the crap pics....moved house 3 weeks ago and cant find my camera...it's in a box......somewhere.
  7. Spuey's chilli red vento..

    Looking good already ! Did you have a US tub off me a while back ?
  8. Project Woodstock - Vento

    I'd say the acquisition of another vento is just as good ! Soon though (I hope) Driving this one made me realise how much I miss mine.
  9. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Picked this up last night Its a shed ! Its faded to foook and smells....BUT....for the price it cost and the amount I have already sold the Grille and Splitter for it was way to good to pass up. Also, I needed a car to take to the ring in June so will use this. Its a 94 GL, 2.0L 8v. 190k on the clock with a new gear box that's done less that 10k Still pulls really well. Just needs some love, stripping out, lowering, some 16's and some low profile tyres and it should take the trip well. It will however be its final journey as once its back ill will be going for spares. My 5th Vento
  10. Scrappage survivor.

    WOW ! awesome work mate. This is such a turn around.
  11. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Thank you mate, appreciated.
  12. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Agreed mate, will need to do something at some point. Everything go ok with your MK5 ? Matt said it had some big jobs booked in. Cheers mate, me neither....Although still needs work doing when it comes back from the shop.
  13. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Well, the wiper blank hasn't fixed my rear wiper woe's. It's still waking me up at 3 and 4am with its alarm going off if I forget to deactivate it. Bugga ! Found a Anni valance in reflex silver in the classifieds going for a decent price so grabbed that and fitted it up - thanks to bodoman. Also, Projektzwo mirrors have been dropped off and ETA on the return of the Vento is March !!! WOOOOOO !
  14. Project Woodstock - Vento

    Non as yet although I need to pop in and drop the mirrors off for painting so will take a look then. Small job for today - fitting this to my mk4 as the leaking rear wiper is causing me no end of grief.