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  1. Beige Mk1 golf 1.8T 20V smoothed bay

    I owned this mk1, when it was in Aberdeen... Had huge plans for it, but unfortunately I lost my job about 3 months after purchasing it and it ended sitting around in my driveway for months. It's so good to see it getting a new lease of life.. Can't wait to see it finished!,
  2. What wheels are these?

    Never noticed the centre caps, was too busy drooling. lol I have been on the Image Wheels web page and they have them in 13" but their not spilts. Do you think these are 15" and thats why they are splits? Does anyone out there have any more info on the car? know who ons it? what set up? etc.
  3. What wheels are these?

    Does anyone have any info on this car? specificly the wheels, they look like Ford RS Four spokes, however they look like split rims? How difficult to fit to the mk1? are hub adapters/spacers available? Or what about Revolution Four spokes on a mk1 in 14" Looking for something different than the almighty BBS!!!
  4. Coil packs?

    A quick update- Traced and checked the wiring and it turns out part of the loom had melted due to its location which was causing a short circuit. On the down side i had to order some more coilpacks which is a bummer, however it looks like the problem might be solved. Get the new parts tomorrow and hopefully i will be up and running. Thanks to everyone for their advice and help. I could`nt manage without you.
  5. Coil packs?

    Thanks once again for the good advice. I will check it out tomorrow, hopefully its just something simple.
  6. Coil packs?

    Its four pin coil packs. I am up in Aberdeen so can`t pay you a visit but thanks for the offer. I will have another look tomorrow only trouble is all the wiring is all hidden and tucked away. Aaaaaargggghhhh!!!
  7. Coil packs?

    Yes, replaced the old ones with new, It has Qpeng managment i think?n( bought the car already modified)
  8. Coil packs?

    Hi, To my relief the initial problem turns out not to be the head gasket but faulty coil packs. So having fitted a new set i am still only running on 3 cylinders!! Cylinder 2 does`nt seem to be getting a pulse/spark and i dont know where the feed comes from. Has anyone had a similar problem or any ideas? I am at a total loss. Thanks in advance.
  9. Head Gasket

    Just heard back that it might not be the head gasket but the coilpacks as you wisely suggested. The engine is droping cylinders randomly as far as i can gather which it would`nt do if it was the gasket. lets hope its nothing to serious!!! Any thoughts????
  10. Head Gasket

    Ok my friend who is a mechanic was fixing a small oil leak at the sump. While checking that the repair was ok, running the car up to temperature he noted that when the car is hot it only runs on 3 cylinders but is ok when cold. He run a few tests checking temp, compression etc. and diagnosed the problem as possibly the head gasket. Also that the cooling system might not be good enough.The fan has a low temp switch so comes on almost instantly. He is also going to check out the water pump. So his diagnosis so far is that it is over-heating and the head gasket has gone or is about to go. The engine is super minamalist with the header tank removed etc and smoothed bay, the car currently has a topfill rad. etc. Now i am no expert with cars so might have some of the facts a bit back to front. Any Ideas??
  11. Head Gasket

    Does anyone know where i can get a competition head gasket for a 20vt(AGU)urgently?? Also wondering if anyone is using a BMW E36 radiator?, instead of a vag top fill radiator as i am having some cooling problems hence the reason for the new head gasket, preferably an alloy or chrome style one. Thanks.
  12. cool running

    Thanks for the help, definetly will look into upgrading the fans, already upgraded the fan switch. The ecu is from qpeng if that makes any difference?
  13. cool running

    I am running a 20vt agu, which is fine when driving but when i hit some traffic the car seems to heat up very quickly which can only be described as lumpy ,then it start to rev on its own with the clutch in. Would fitting a high flow race radiator help with the cooling and maybe a fan upgrade. The engine bay is smoothed and very minimalist. IS the car reving with the clutch pedal pressed, the clutch slipping? there is a definte burning smell by the time i get home like something is over heating.

    I also have a similar problem. Have recently bought a mk1 with a 20vt with a mk4 gearbox & vr6 clutch. The car has a tilton pedal box fitted already but the breaks are shockingly bad, i can hardly press the pedal!!! I have been trying to find a remote servo to fit into the boot as the engine bay is very minimalist. I dont have a clue where to start. Any advice would be most welcome.