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  1. 2 pack on radiators

    Will be fine . I've done rocker covers and calipers with no probs.
  2. Recommend me a rust convertor

    I've used so called rust converter stuff before an was shocked how much faster it rusts !! Only cure as said is to cut it out . The chemicals are just a gimmick.
  3. The little clip has come off the shocker . It's a bit like a circlip.
  4. mk2 020 gearbox clutch release lever

    You mean you can pull it in and out ? I think they do have a bit of slop on them couple of mm or so.
  5. Mk1 starting problem

    Not a major problem more embarrassing .car is mk1 1.3 with 1.5 engine fitted and has 36tlp weber . It starts instantly when cold and when it's warm if I turn it off and start again straight away it starts perfect but if I leave it 5-10 mins it takes a bit of starting . Apart from this it runs perfect. Any help appreciated as when searching I can only find this problem on gti. Thanks
  6. Sooty black water coming form Exhaust

    Mine was doing this , same engine ! I was a bit worried but it sailed through mot emmisions .
  7. Elsecar Mega Meet 2015

    £10 to get in here is way too much in my opinion ! I won't be going in this time , there's nothing of interest inside , the car park is more interesting.
  8. Mk2 rear seat in mk1

    I've searched the internet but can't find anything would have thought someone has done this. Bought a mk1 interior that when delivered turns out to be mk2. Now i can sort the front seats no problem but the rear seat is totally different . How much roughly would it be to get the cover modified to fit the original frame ? It would need A few inches cutting out and stitching back together I think. Somebody must have done this.thanks
  9. mk3 golf/polo door handle 'hook' broken

    You can buy a kit from vw.
  10. Seat question mk1

    It's not just the bolster foam either it's all turned to straw ! The hole seat is crunchy especially the back upright part . The second hand seat on eBay is apparently perfect.
  11. Seat question mk1

    I need to swap the cover though.
  12. Seat question mk1

    The foam has completely gone in my mk1 seat . Standard cl not gti , material is very good just really baggy,there's a mk2 passenger seat on eBay cheap will the foam be the same and swap straight over ? Thanks for any help don't want to chance it and waste money .
  13. Bodyshop horror

    Have you ground the paint off ? Can't really tell what they have done or not done ? Yes is bad but there's paint on both panels ?
  14. slight missfire?

    My mk3 8v is the same just a slight miss every so often when ticking over it's been like it all the time I've had it. ( nearly seven years !!) most stuff has been changed and it's never got worse so I just live with it.
  15. Re texturing bumpers

    Texture stuff is a gimmick just use aerosol and dust the last coat it's as near as you will get.