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  1. Project Chiken Wire

    This car is blowing my mind away. I need to see more!!
  2. Project Chiken Wire

    i like where this new look is going.
  3. Bronzed out Mk4

    This a clean car, well done
  4. Paddys mk5

  5. Project 504

    I just went through the same poop!

    looks good, i love the wheels!
  7. MK5 Rain tray?

  8. MK5 Rain tray?

    Dose anyonr know how to remove the rain tray from a mk5 rabbit? Thank you!
  9. Project .... Cage Rage........

    Look good!
  10. Clean and simple

    It was amazing, its getting bigger each year more and more people from the US are coming down.
  11. Clean and simple

    I'm from toronto
  12. Clean and simple

    go for it, not to many poeple are sporting these wheels where im from. actually if there are people with them feel free to post it.
  13. Clean and simple

    whent for the clean look, infact most people can't point out what i've done to it. but then what do they know?