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  1. richST

    Project Little Red

    Isn't this gold now? Saw something on Instagram I'm sure
  2. richST

    Graham's candy white polo 9n3

    That's standard on the gti's
  3. richST


    What about some big range rover wheels? Think they are gonna have to be big!
  4. richST


    Maybe leave it? It's not gonna look right unless you drop it to the floor on whatever wheels it's on. Examples: plush's tiguan, the grey sq5
  5. richST

    Anyone know any history of mk2 vr6- h12 cob

    Get the photobucket app, upload to that then get the link they provide and paste it in
  6. richST

    The Ultimate Pressure Washer Thread

    Ok I'm after a bit of a comparison/pros and cons here! Argos sell this http://www.argos.co.uk/m/static/Product/partNumber/1577941/Trail/searchtext%3ENILFISK.htm Am I right in thinking I wouldn't need to buy a hose to attach to my outside tap for this because it has one attached? Also does this have the capability for snowfoam? And the other one is this: http://www.cleanstore.co.uk/products/Product.asp?ID=7506 Slightly cheaper, again with the foam capability but I think I'd have to buy a hose for it to connect to the outside tap. Probably some very simple questions but I'm not very clued up! Cheers
  7. And the picture of the tax disc lol
  8. richST

    My White 9N3

    Oh, and black headlights would suit it down to the ground
  9. richST

    My White 9N3

    Looks real nice on those wheels, bit different from the norm, I'd keep them silver too, kinda VIP looking
  10. richST

    Polo 9n3 Gti Candy White

    Nice! Smart looking cage, love the comps still
  11. richST

    Polo 9n3 Gti Candy White

    Can we get some pictures of the whole car :/ ?
  12. richST

    Polo 9n3 Gti Candy White

    Come on then, pictures of everything done and on the schnitzers...
  13. richST

    Polo 9n3 Gti Candy White