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  1. Matt laquer on gloss paint

    it works, you just end up with a matt finish the same as with matt paint. Paint is laid in three stages, primer, base coat (colour), laquer. the colour when laid has a matt look to it the the layers of laquer on top give it the gloss shine. All you do in when the painter mix's the laquer he adds a matting agent which then gives you the matt finish.
  2. Bigalley's sportlines do look good.
  3. Has Anyone Bought A Complete turbo Kit Off Ebay?

    170346524761 there the ones i was looking at.
  4. Mk3 vr6 shifter/linkage/setup

    Drove to VR for the first time in 6-7months today and the gear stick felt like a stick in a bucket,3rd was in the ashtray and 4th was on the backseat. Thinking of replacing the full setup and was after some info on weather all CC mk3 setups are the same? Any info would for appreciated.
  5. See one of these kits on ebay everything you need to turbo a vr6. Has anyone bought/used a kit like this? Any good?
  6. My Audi A3 8P

    i think it smell a funny colour!!
  7. VR6 Turbo conversion

    Hey Guys, am thinking about turboing my vr6 as i am doing a full build soon, does anyone know the list of parts i will need and can they all be bought of shelf so to speak? cheers matt
  8. Best place to send my wheels dishes for refurb

    Anybody? please?
  9. as titled? Cheers matt
  10. Need my outer wheel dishes refurbing and polishing anybody got any suggestions on who/were to send them? cheers Matt
  11. T5 Transporter van on Holstens...

    it a t28 1.9tdi
  12. T5 Transporter van on Holstens...

    I've just bought some 20" holstens for my van what size are these? looks mint
  13. Planning on fitting 20" wheels on my T5 but how no idea of the load rating on the wheels as it doesnt say on the inner face, will this be a problem as the van will only be used as a social vehicle? cheers matt
  14. Porsche D90 centre cap removal

    tryed to removal them but dont seem to budge did notice tiny holes in all 4 caps is this anything to do with my problem?