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  1. great show as ever but I left before the awards so not sure of what / who won what, still a great day out.
  2. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    looking good bud
  3. 1.4 Turbo

    this ^^
  4. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    lovely stuff, looking forward to refit pics bud
  5. A4 Quattro Sport - Lows/Wheels, Done.

    was a good buy, I only had my QS for a little while but wish I could have taken it further, now I have to see my mate driving around in it
  6. Tinting number plates

    mate got £100 fine last week for tinted plate, per plate :0
  7. dubs at the park

    yea it's pretty cool with a 50 50 mix of old vs new stuff.
  8. catch can, smoking engine? driving me crazy query.

    it's for the tfsi 2.0 engines, a blank that fits turbo, and a blank to remove tfsi pcv valve with a hose from cam cover to vta. 19mm id is fine even 2 into 1, the catch can is fine too i just don't like them, i feel they just create condensation. i'd just try it without the filter on the outlet first, then bypass catch can. you could as suggested above run catch outlet into turbo intake pape to generate some vac in the crank case.
  9. catch can, smoking engine? driving me crazy query.

    while i agree with the above R-tech produce a full pcv delete for these turbos that works very well. personally i'd ditch the catch can and either vent direct to atmos or back into inlet tract but thats personal preference. the filters have known to clog quickly and restrict venting. the joint between the manifold and core held together by the vband is just a slip together join with a portion of the core fitting inside the mani, the v band is to pull the mating surfaces together and seal it but sometimes they leak. you can part the two (usually easier to remove tubby) and clean mating surfaces or try and nip up the v band carefully. theres only exhaust gases in that side anyway no fluids so it's not a massive issue.
  10. catch can, smoking engine? driving me crazy query.

    firstly i'd remove the vta filter, secondly what is leaking from the v band is probably sooty condensation, if it's oil you have problems
  11. one in between bracknell and maidenhead
  12. Polo 9n Suspension/camber problems!

    where are you based? the 9n strut slots into hub like a mk4 so no 'real' camber adjustment, couple of mm in ball joints or subframe shift.
  13. Master Cylinder Upgrade On MK5 Golf Chassis

    ttrs i think but not cheap
  14. nice things happening here
  15. Audi quattro S1 E2

    Lovely work as usual