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  1. All Dubs 13 Show

    Here's the location address Reubs Kingsbury Road, A4097, Sutton Coldfield, B76 0DP
  2. All Dubs 13 Show

  3. All Dubs 13 Show

    looks like a beaut too Josh Also we've checked about 50 weather forecast sites and the weather seems to be pretty good for Sunday so fingers crossed it stays that way
  4. All Dubs 13 Show

    only 4 days left!!!! have to give a massive thanks to Mike from Kleen Freaks for supplying all the trophy winners with free products and something very special for Best of Show https://www.facebook.com/events/140175872818805/
  5. All Dubs 13 Show

    1150 confirmed on Facebook alone
  6. All Dubs 13 Show

    Your BMW and we do indeed have a BMW class
  7. All Dubs 13 Show

    Kyle_TT - everyone is accepted in to the show no matter what condition their car is in as that would be unfair on people that done have millions to spend on them lol Dan_Tdi - What we're doing this year is an open show and shine, so everybody who comes has a chance to win
  8. All Dubs 13 Show

    coming up to 1100 confirmed
  9. All Dubs 13 Show

    Over 1000 confirmed on Facebook alone
  10. All Dubs 13 Show

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE!!!! Due to the size of the event, the location has been changed to a bigger field. Please spread the word and inform the world. The new location is, Kingsbury Road, A4097, Sutton Coldfield, B76 0DP You wont miss it on the day!
  11. All Dubs 13 Show

    37 Days Left & 840 confirmed on Facebook
  12. All Dubs 13 Show

    We're currently working on giving away something big at the event
  13. All Dubs 13 Show

    we wanted to have a lot more trophy categorises but cost of trophies is way too expensive, hopefully next year
  14. All Dubs 13 Show

    Some big announcements coming soon guys
  15. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    Can't wait from this guys