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  1. Best pre-wash

    I use a shampoo and snow foam mix topped with water (2- 3 squirts of shampoo and 1 inch of foam) in a spray soaker bottle connected to the hose. Will shift the dirt before snow foaming or starting your wash.
  2. Mk2 Golf rear wiper parking in different positions

    Try the relay marked 72 (rear wiper relay)
  3. The point was the products used (Auto Finesse) are readily available - not some ceramic coating. Yes it takes time to achieve such results but can be gained without being an all out professional detailer.
  4. Cut out when warm

    Temp sensor? I think there are 3 on the 8v so you could swap one out with another. You should also be able to check the resistance to see if the sensor works.
  5. Great results using off the shelf products - all achievable by a home detailer.
  6. Ultimate Stance - Telford 5th Nov 2017

    Really good show - thanks!!
  7. BMW M3 Ceramic Pro

    Top job - the wheels look amazing after the coating.
  8. Audi rear lights

    For the UK the fog light should be red from the factory. Some owners cover the reverse light with a red decal to make it symmetrical. Some even swapped the rear clusters for lhd versions. Gently heat the sticker and remove.
  9. I had a quick look at what the Peugeot boys were using and some are raving about Autobright Restore 2 Black Permanent Dye - so I ordered some up to give it a try. It seems the dyes are better and longer lasting than the dressings.
  10. A paint shop doing the textured effect is an option. Try the cheap and cheerful heat gun first. Fair enough you won't have the textured effect but you will have some colour and keep the original bumper.
  11. Have you tried gently heating the bumper?
  12. ECU repair

    Try: http://www.bba-reman.com/gb/index.aspx
  13. Recommend a wheel cleaner

    Bilberry - can be diluted and brilliant cleaning ability but remains safe.
  14. Lancia Delta Integrale

    Superb results on a dark car and what a car!!!