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  1. PSI / APR Press Release Statement

    Your location says Liverpool so I would have thought here was nearer
  2. How Much is the event?

    Its not difficult If you arrive from Friday its £30 If you arrive from Saturday its £25 If you arrive from Sunday its £15 All per person EDIT: it actually says this on the flyer as well!!!
  3. Saturday Judging

  4. Saturday Judging

    I'm only going to arrive around lunchtime on the saturday but would like to enter for the 10 of the best. What is the latest time I would have to put my car on the main show area and what time does the judging finish? Thanks and I'm sorry if this has already been mentioned
  5. paint jobs?

    Southam. Is there no one more local to you?
  6. paint jobs?

    No they send it away to be done. I'd use someone closer to you like Greg Howell
  7. Lupo 20Vt

    can this be done to a lupo 1.4 16v sport?
  8. Examples of work?

    PSI Tuning Unit 5 Winpenny Road Parkhouse Industrial Estate East Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire ST5 7RH
  9. My mk4

    What year are the audi door handles as I like yours so much that I just have to copy that mod, sorry