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  1. 2010 Candy White mk6 Gti.

    I hate this worthless piece of junk, get a BMW you moron.
  2. help needed

    does anybody know if g60 corrados have a bleed valve and where it is? i believe i have a air locked heater matrix my temp guage doesnt work and i get no hot air in the heaters but both temp gauge and hot air work when the car is idling or parked facing upwards on a hill thanx for any help
  3. has comre out nice yeah what did you use to do that?
  4. the red paint on a car i recently bought is going slightly pink on the boot whats best to buy to try and restore it? thanx
  5. low-life daily mk3.

    just read through this thread love where its going keep the good work coming.
  6. mk3 vr6

    yea they got sprayed over when i got the headlining done i think it looks better just all black with no buttons me to i carnt get enough of crackle black deffo gonna get a lot of engine bits done in it
  7. mk3 vr6

    yea no rush dude cheers
  8. mk3 vr6

    dude can you make me a new sig? use one of the side shot ones nothing to fancy just make it look nice post it on here please
  9. mk3 vr6

    took a few more pics today with the vr splitter on
  10. mk3 vr6

    do you still have the HD camera we used to take that video of your mk1? i wouldnt mind a video of mine on the move
  11. mk3 vr6

    i have to go over speed bumps daily so it would just rip the vr6 splitter off all the time but ill use it for shows and stuff yea i was at vw fest i only decided to go the same morning so i wasnt on any club stands or entered show n shine so that was as close as i could get lol
  12. mk3 vr6

    iv still got the vr6 splitter but it would be annoying to run with it as a daily to be honest i prefer it with no skirts but thats just me
  13. mk3 vr6

    so i thought its about time i updated my thred (not a lot of pics i never had a camera to hand) heres a quick list of stuff thats been done since it was last updated cat back scorpion exhaust fully polly bushed chassis notch raised engine and gear box relocated indicators to headlights spaced back wheels out 5 more mm and more lowz ill start with the little things first changed the chrome handle for black to get all my interior black changed the bulb to an LED bulb in the interior light bit chavy but i like it got a little porsche emblem for the steering wheel few pics of the chassis notch how the indicator looks when its flashing finally a few pics of how its sitting thats all from me folks
  14. mk3 vr6

    sorry for the very late reply lol but yea its a powder coat i got it done at a place called romax in stockton
  15. mk3 vr6

    cheers for the posotive comments guys