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  1. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Oh yeah, I took your advice and created a thread for my MGB: http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=552433
  2. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Wow, this is really coming along! Interior looks great – very OEM+ I agree with the comment about the headrests looking a bit too modern. For this era, a one-piece black cover would work best. That paint too!
  3. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    It's probably the least VAG related car you could choose... not sure where I'd add a thread on here?!
  4. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    Cheers They did a good job on the screen, though the guy fitting it managed to displace the little parking ticket holder so that's now loose. I want it lower but at the moment, there's only 1cm of thread left on the coilovers. The suspension is the same as a Mk5 Golf, so these JOMs apparently don't go as low as others 20s and air ride are very tempting but I need to put the money into getting my SR20 DET MGB done: More details on the MG here: https://www.getpatina.com/vehicles/FesBu11Xe9
  5. Skodalads VRS

    Looking very good indeed!
  6. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    Well, still no SLR pics, so here are a few off my phone... The cracked screen... Actually, the 1.4 turbo is not too bad considering the size of the car. It's a small turbo so spools up very quickly at low rpm. It won't win any races, but it's built for comfort, not speed!
  7. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    Since my last post, along with fitting the coilovers, I picked up a full black leather interior from a 2010 Elegance model. I was hoping to use the electric seats but the electronics had major water damage and it wouldn't have been cost effective to repair them. So, with an extra pair of hands provided by my other half, we stripped the leather seats and my original seats down to the frames and swapped the foam (cloth interior is different) and the covers over on to the frames of my original seats, making possibly the only set of manually adjustable full black leather seats. I made the mistake of buying the saloon interior, as after inspecting photos and overlaying side profile photos of the saloon with the estate to check rear door shut lines, I assumed the interiors were the same. However, the rear seat base on a saloon is not split-folding and the saloon rear side bolsters are shorter than on the estate. Also, much to my annoyance, I found the rear door panels are very slightly different. I also picked up very dirty estate rear seats which I thought I might be able to use, but the leather isn't quite as good, so I'm sticking with the one piece saloon version as it's not often I fold the seats flat. I managed to use the rear side bolsters that came with them, though. When I fitted the 'new to me' front door cards, I changed the position of my DIY ambient lighting so that it fires down into the door pocket, rather than from the top rear corner as in the photos. Also, the door handles now have illumination which all looks very slick at night. I also bought an auto-dimming rear view mirror from a breaker on eBay and when it arrived, it was like new – completely unmarked. It's the version with the on/off switch built in. I think there's another version that doesn't have this. All I needed to do was run an ignition-switched live and an earth up the A pillar from the fuse panel, across the front of the headlining and down into the mirror. I didn't bother with the other two pins which are for turning off the dimming when in reverse and to ignore interior lights, I believe. I had some 15mm and 17.5mm 5x112 wheel spacers, so I tried the 15mm on the rear, bringing the 8.5x19 ET45 out to effectively ET30 and without adjusting the camber, it was a no go – the tyres would have rubbed the arches a lot. So they came off until I look to see what camber adjustment is available from factory. Also, I had to get AutoGlass out to replace my windscreen as a big stone thrown up by the car in front cracked it on impact on the passenger side. They did a great job. With a new screen in place, it would be a shame to mark it, so I bought some new wiper blades from a seller on eBay. I still haven't taken any photos with my DSLR, so nothing to look at as yet!
  8. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Good work dude However, I think you need a few more Harris Tweed labels... or business cards – can't make out what they are!
  9. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Good to see some paint going on... my MGB is still nowhere near!
  10. Only just seen the interior.. this Mk3 just gets better Good work!
  11. 1975 Audi 50 GL

    Long time no see dude, hope you're well? The Audi is coming along – good work on the 3D printing. There are a couple of parts for my '74 MGB I've been considering doing the same for. However, there's a much better range of parts available than for your 50 so most bases are covered. Any plans for the interior? OEM period style or something more custom?
  12. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    It's been a while but I've finally got something to report. My Skoda Columbus sat nav unit died completely and as the car didn't leave the dealership with it, it isn't under any sort of warranty. No warranty from the seller, either. I took it to a place in Essex but he said he can't fix it. Seems to be a common RNS510 problem To cheer myself up, I bought some new wheels... 8.5x19 with 235/35/19 all round. They're Rotiform Nue replicas with budget tyres... yep, hate away Coilovers have been ordered & will be fitted asap... then I should leave it alone and concentrate on my MGB GT SR20 DET project again
  13. Project daily: "I won't get carried away"

    Still for sale – let me know if you're interested Would be perfect for a 1.8T or VR6T conversion.
  14. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    Not a lot to report, other than fitting resistors in series parallel across the DRL and main beam wiring to get round the bulb out warning. I've just moved house and the Skoda came in very handy – you can get a LOT of stuff in the back! I bought a 4300k xenon kit, so I'll get that fitted soon. I've avoided the "canbus compatible" ones as apparently they can fry the wiper motor due to how the car is wired. It just means I'll need to change settings in VCDS so the car supplies the lower voltage for xenons. I sold the Mk3 Golf struts & bags, so I'll hopefully be buying air ride for this soon. I'll pick up some MDF and get busy with the jigsaw making a false floor and mounting the management system in the coming weeks
  15. My Metal Grey 2014 Skoda Superb Wagon...

    Cheers dude, forgot about that There was a guy really near me that sorted out a couple of things on the Audi.