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  1. smoked plates

    ^^ He's lying to you, I heard he fitted the plates, then put the car straight up for sale because he hated them so much
  2. smoked plates

    Window tint film over your plates. Or better still, don't bother at all
  3. Ok that's better looking than I thought it would be now everything is hidden. Love the lil plate over the injectors, makes the whole thing work. Really appreciating the fact it's not the norm, think it payed off massively for you
  4. This is interesting build, quite intriguing. You're going this for the look I believe? I personally am not sure that's my thing looking at finished ones on Google, however the part that interests me is the noise. Do you have a before video of what it sounded like to compare to the when it's done? Certainly a lovely car, nice to see something a lil bit different
  5. Millhausens Mk3s

    Na no build thread, I bought the car pretty sorted, and in most people opinions it's going backwards haha, got a few pics in my Instagram though @kylevkylev. Ow and if you were expecting something really similar, I only mean wheels are similar haha, apart from it being a mk3 VR6, it's nothing like yours haha.
  6. Millhausens Mk3s

    Really like the look of this, I've gone for a similar look myself only 18's
  7. project ripped off

    This, mans made a mistake, he's past it and moving on, maybe everyone else should also. Look forward to seeing it develope, quite like the colour, so interesting to see where you go with it.
  8. What wheels are these

    No idea, but I'd like to know if they can come 5x100 17inch. Cool looking wheel.
  9. My Mk3 VR6 on air

    Lovely, Interiour looks amazing, and wheels are much better.
  10. :hMd:

    I'm sure it wasn't just your cars she adored, what you done for her, was more than she could ever hope for. But who you became is what I'm sure made her truly proud. RIP mama H
  11. Bagged Mk4 Project

    Putting air ride on, but puts low side exit exhaust on. Maybe not thought that through?
  12. :hMd:

    I'm not sure on this. Not sat in one, but they seem to have quite a slopping rear roof, meaning not a lot of head room. I'm gonna get a sore neck! Impulse buy or not, that's a lovely looking car, as always I'll be watching you...um, I mean this thread
  13. :hMd:

    Worthersee webcam
  14. :hMd:

    I recognise that place #bringonnextyear