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    G60 Edtion 1's, BBS split rims! My '87 K5 Chevy Blazer
  1. VW Passat B6 clutch won't disengage

    Cheers, after writing this I went out to the car, I lifted the pedal up with my hand. Started the car and was then able to depress the clutch and select gears in the usual fashion!! Thinking clutch slave cylinder?? Anyone had similar??
  2. VW Passat B6 clutch won't disengage

    I've got an 07 plate Passat 2.0 Fsi manual. Went out in it today and whilst parking I pressed the clutch pedal, however it didn't disengage the clutch and the car stalled as I stopped. The pedal also fell almost to the floor and went mushy. So I started the car but it wouldn't go into gear. I turned the engine off, put it in 1st and managed to start it in gear, crashed it over into second and limped home, trying to not stop! The clutch still has plenty of bite, anyone know what the problem is likely to be??? I had this on a Mark 4 Golf a few years back and it was the clutch pedal itself. Cheers Joe
  3. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    Just read it mate and replied... Thanks AndyS3 for giving me the heads up!!!
  4. 'N' Reg Aqua Blue Mk2

    Very true Luke.... Glad to see it’s gone to a good home tho Car’s looking good Chris. Did you fit that underfelt kit yet?
  5. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    This is now for sale in the Classifieds section
  6. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    He's a psycho!!
  7. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    What was that text about a set of RM's about the other day..... ??
  8. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    Cheers for the positive comments, no engine bay pix.... That's still a work in progress ;-) It's mot'd and taxed now, but not having been driven for nearly 2 years it's throwing upmarket few probs. Seized callipers being one, and the mpg is dreadful!!! Seem to be getting about 19mpg!!! Maybe that's just cos I haven't heard that VR noise in a while so am being s bit lead footed!!
  9. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    Finished...!! Well, almost. Still needs an exhaust, speakers and some other bits and bobs. Thinking my rears need a spacer. Will upload some pics of it in some decent sunlight soon.
  10. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    I've also got a pair of OEM big bumpers going on the car!! Still in the original VW cardboard boxes!!! Oh, and a new grill, spoiler....! Plus new rubbers. God knows how much the car owes me!!
  11. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    Cheers, all down to the painter really tho!! It has G60 brakes, the RA's I have are really low offset so cleared the brakes no problem. Had to get extra long bolts for them tho!! Luke I'm hoping to get her back tomorrow!!
  12. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    You spy right... Luckily, about 4 years ago I realised G60 arches would prob run out soon, so I bought a brand new set. Felt guilty taking them out the cellophane and putting them on the car!!! Wish I'd bought two sets now and sold one of em!!! I also put G60 wings on it! Bought this car to be a daily, but I think I might have to rethink that!! Apparently it went unregistered for nearly 5 years!! Hence the N Reg. Spent the first years of it's life at VW Milton Keynes.
  13. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    G60 kit fitted:
  14. My OEM Mark 2 VR.... Slow build thread!

    I can’t really describe where it is mate!! Its on a farm on a country lane!! If you need his phone number PM me and I can give you it. Heres some fresh pics, its been flatted off now...